Oan people

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Oan people
Iwi Oa
Flag of the Oan Isles.png
Flag of the Oan Isles
Total population
Related ethnic groups
Jùs, Kohatuans

Oan people are an ethnic group from The Oan Isles. They form part of the West Pacific Islander ethnic family together with the Jus of Justelvard and the Kohatuan people of the Kohatu Isles. The Oan Isles is an almost completely ethnically homogeneous country and Oan people make up a substantial portion of the people in the Morstaybishlian West Pacific Territories. The Oan people are the most genetically diverse group of the West Pacific Islanders because they are by far the oldest in terms of ancestry. The other groups of West Pacific Islanders split off 1000 to 600 years ago.

The Oan people originated approximately 15,000 to 30,000 years ago from human voyagers from South East Yasteria. Some scientists argue that some modern Auroran groups broke of from these human voyagers leading to speculation that they might be the ancestors of modern Aurorans. However there is some conflict because other scientists argue that there was more than 1 mass migration from Yasteria to Aurora that led to the formation of multiple ethnic groups. The majority of Oan people speak the Oan language. There are a total 18,000,000 estimated Oans. There are substantial groups of Oan people who live in Aurora due in part to free migration under the Auroran Continental Assembly and it's successor the United Nations of the Auroran Continent.

Oan people are characterized by their caramel skin. However Oan people can have a light milky tea skin tone to a dark coffee skin tone. Oan people usually have tattoos on their bodies and faces that uniquely identify them. Oans typically have large statures and long curly somewhat course black hair. The majority of Oan people are adherents of Mauism, an offshoot of Thaerism. Prior to Thaerist influence, most Oan people believed in some form of traditional folk religions which practiced animism and ancestral worship. Many Oan people have multi ethnic ancestry such as Oahoanu the Rangitanga-a-te-Moana of the Oan Isles, Locklyn Le Roy former Prime Minister of the Oan Isles, Astrana Tohinga-Vidalovich, member of the Auroran Parliament.