Astrana Tohinga-Vidalovich

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Portrait of Astrana Tohinga-Vidalovich

Astrana Tohinga-Vidalovich (Salovian: ასტრანა ტოჰინგა-ვიდალოვიჩი, Staynicized: Ast’rana T’ohinga-Vidalovichiis) a politician from the Oan Isles of Salovian-Oan ethnicity. She is currently a senior member of the Pacifist Party of the Oan Isles and the Majority Leader in the Auroran Parliament as President of the Auroran Socialist Democratic Party.

Early life

She was born to Rowena Vidalovich (her mother) and Kahikatea Tohinga (her father). Her mother immigrated from Kostromastan to the Oan Isles in 1960. Her mother met her father in 1965. She was born in the Blessed Matilda Hospital in Ahuanuitaone in the Oan Isles on 12 July 1968.

She lived in Ahuanuitaone until she was 14 years old and moved to Akhalibisi in Tuvaltastan with her family in 1982 where her mother worked as an orthopedic surgeon and her father was a house-husband after resigning his job as a dentist in the Oan Isles. She lived there until she was 21 after attending university there. She studied pharmacy. She moved to Tokapa in the Oan Isles when she got a job as a pharmacological research assistant at the Unihealth, a pharmaceutical company.

She continued studying at Fort Jubrayn University in Fort Jubrayn, Staynes, Great Morstaybishlia where she eventually gained a PhD degree in pharmacology. She eventually returned to the Oan Isles where she worked as a professor in pharmacy at the University of Tokapa.

Political career

She campaigned as a member of the Council of the People as part of the Pacifist Party of the Oan Isles. She lost her first try but on her second try she won. She became the Spokesperson for that party in 2014. In 2018, she was elected as a member of the Auroran Parliament and has served in various committees including the Committee for Health and Wellness, the Committee for Security and Crisis Management and the Committee for Finance. She is currently the President of the Auroran Socialist Democratic Party.