Fort Jubrayn

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Fort Jubrayn
Fort Jubrayn at night
Fort Jubrayn at night
Settled by Morstaybishliansc.168 (As Jublion)
 • ProvostNusk Price
11 m (36.08 ft)
 • City3,568,118
 • Metro

Fort Jubrayn, sometimes called Jubrayn and Jubrayn City is the second largest city in Staynes as well as the largest city on the Morstaybishlian Sea. At the beginning of 2019, Fort Jubrayn had a population of 3.568 million people and a metropolitan population of 5.691 million. It serves as the capital and lead financial center of the Province of Jubliak and is the fifth largest city in Great Morstaybishlia.

Fort Jubrayn casts its roots to the beginning of the Second Kingdom of Maltervenia. It was founded in 614 BC by King Lampedris I as the "first new-age city" under the name of Jubeeria. It became the capital city of Maltervenia in 14 AD but was assumed by the Ethalrian Empire in 494 AD. The Ethalrian's kept control until 800 AD when they lost it to the newly Kingdom of Staynnica. It became the capital of Staynnica for several decades until it was replaced with Redrugus after the Union of Staynnica and Luradia.