Melkezedek the Great

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Melkezedek the Great
High King of Packilvania
muMamluk muTaqabadam luMakheesiyat aPaxishme (The King who Founded the Magisterium of Paxism) by Ishan Dumeed
High King of Packilvania
Reign957 - 980
PredecessorHigh King Mudwan
SuccessorHigh King Thumim III
BornMelkezedek a-Mudwan Iktan
c. 920
Bingol, Packilvania
Diedc. 980
HouseIktanite dynasty
FatherHigh King Mudwan
MotherHigh Queen Warsalya

Melkezedek the Great was a Feline male who was the High King of the United Kingdom of Bakil (which is also known as and is believed to the the first iteration of Packilvania). He was the 16 monarch of the Iktanite dynasty and of Packilvania more broadly. He reigned from 957 to 983 CE.

He supervise and directed the addition of texts known as the Bingolian or Melkezedekian additions to the Vagumar (one of the Writings of Paxism commissioned by Suleiman of Yehudah). The Bingolian Additions and the Vagumar are known together as the Bas Magdamar. The Bingolian Additions consists mostly of a single book known as the Government. This book contains instructions for the founding and running of the Magisterium of Paxism which remains active and is one of the world's oldest continuously functioning organizations.

During his reign, the Temple of the Restoration burnt. Some historians argue that Melkezedek undertook the Bas Magdamar to deflect criticism due to the fire or to prevent the emergence of panic from his subjects about the end of the world. The reason given by religious scholars and to a degree The Government itself is that High King Melkezedek sought to stem the infiltration of so-called pagan beliefs into Paxism due to the expansion of Packilvania at the time.

His work is commemorated by the Temple of the Authority on the grounds of the Bingol Royal Palace. The sect of Paxism which claims to draw from his teachings is known as Melkezedekism. Most but not all members of that sect also belong to schools of thought known as Sohadekism and Madvinism which were practiced in Packilvania by the Demirite dynasty and Bedonite dynasty Respectively. Thus, the Temple is regarded as the third holiest site in Paxism by his followers.