Tomb of Sultans

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The Tomb of Sultans (Packilvanian: LuQaba aleShultan) is a Paxist temple in the city of Bingol, Packilvania that holds the remains of former holders of the office of the Sultan of Packilvania.

Construction started in 1994 and was completed in 1998. The remains of Sultan Amhoud II and Amhoud I were moved from the Arsouk Crypt in Makobar where the remains of members of the Bedonite dynasty are interned.

The Tomb of Sultans is constructed from white marble and cost 1 billion KRB to construct. The high cost garnered controversy especially given that the country had experienced a difficult civil war only a decade earlier. The government justified these cost as part of a modernisation and urban renewal program and the government has defended the structure as one where the remains of Sultans can be house for centuries.

Furthermore, the site serves an an active place of worship and is often used for Paxist gatherings and activities. It is overseen by Magister Asmal Udahid.