Iktan the Devout

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Iktan the Devout
High King of Bakil
Iktan the Devout.png
An artistic rendition of Iktan the Devout
High King of Bakil
Reign670 CE - 730 CE
Coronation670 CE
PredecessorPosition established
SuccessorIktan II
BornIktan a-Hedayek
circa 655 CE
Kijal, Bakil (now Kijal, Ashura)
Diedcirca 730 CE
Bingol, Packilvania
Mausoleum of Iktan the Devout
  • Queen Rajahal
  • Queen Chihadek
  • Queen Yaladar
  • Others unknown
  • High King Iktan II of Bakil
  • Prince Rushtar
  • Princess Kalatya
  • Others unknown
Iktan a-Hedayek buKijal buBakil
Regnal name
Posthumous name
Iktan the Devout
FatherHedayek a-Duwal buKijal

Iktan the Devout was the founder of the First United Kingdom of Bakil (the first iteration of a Packilvanian nation-state) and the Iktanite dynasty that ruled from 675 to 1112. The Iktanite dynasty was the longest reigning dynasty of a Packilvanian nation-state. He is given the nickname "The Devout" because he was known as highly devoted to Paxism. His devotion to Paxism was so great that when King Obed II of Bingol attempted to make changes to the Vagumar religious text published by King Suleiman of Yehudah in 1100 BCE, that he declared war on and defeated the Bingolites and established his new capital in the city of Adrien.

He expanded his kingdom by bringing the surrounding nations under his control. Although each King under his rule was his vassal, they retained autonomy over their internal affairs. Nevertheless, as an experiment with a cross-continental empire that spanned much of Packilvania's modern day territory, it was one of the largest empire-like states in the world. For his contribution to the unification of Central Yasteria and the establishment of Packilvania, the Mausoleum of Iktan the Devout was built in Bingol on the grounds of the Bingol Royal Palace.