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Exterior of Loki Peninsula Books

Causeway Bay Books (Norgsvelden: [?], Vaaran: [?] and Nys'tat'en [?]) is an independent bookstore in the Fantøm. The first and currently only bookstore in Fantøm popular with tourists, refugees and citizens from Nystatiszna seeking for books on Nystatinne politics, politicians and history which were not available in Nystatiszna. It's provides language courses for Vaaran, Norgsvelden and in Codexian for free to all, however joining the courses require someone already taking the course to vouch for the new student. In late December 2020, all the employees besides the founder of the bookstore disappeared, sparking international concern. The founder of the bookstore Arne Likness was away on an research trip in Raszeran, when interviewed about his employees disappearance he accused Nystatinne prime-minister Ayo Hoshi directly ordered the Nystatiszna Intelligence Bureau to kidnap his employees. Further developing stating that disappearance is directly related to ship research into the PM's personal history.

Interior of Loki Peninsula Books


In late 2020, employees with the bookstore disappeared, with some later confirmed to have been abducted by the Nystatinne government. Nystatinne government has provided evidence of their wellbeing, via video chat and holding up the current day newspaper.

  • Arnold Asker (born 1970), the manager and one of the three shareholders of Loki Peninsula Books, whose last known location was in the bookstore. On 14 January 2020, he logged on to the bookstore computer for the last time. Unconfirmed sources state that he was taken away from his wife's home in Fantøm, Rikevaarland's side.
  • Jonathan Ramberg (born 1966), a Aduraszna national and one of the three shareholders of Loki Peninsula Books. He was taken out of his car by unidentified group of Zrei elves and dragged into a nearby waiting black van on 18th July 2020. The black van was later discovered to be in the bottom of the bay by a pair of nekomimi fishing. Jonathan had written some 200 books during his ten years as author/publisher, mostly on the topic of Nystatinne history before Borea Trading Company takeover of the region.
  • Frida Flaa (born 1983), a Rikevaarland national was a language instructor teaching Norgsvelden. She was grabbed out of the classroom by a three undefined Ursines on 6th August 2020.
  • Ruben Ure (born 1950), the only Nystatinne employee and a language instructor for Vaaran. He was dragged out from Morst Feed during lunch hour and disappeared into a black van on 2th August 2020. The van was never recovered. On top of language instruction he allegedly had several whistleblower contacts with the Nystatinne government which he leaked into the international press.
  • Vera Dale (born 2002) was teenager working part time at the bookstore. She was dragged out of her parent's home in Fantøm, Aduraszna by dozen unidentified Ursines and Zrei, in which they shot mother and heavily injured the father on 1th May 2020. When the founder of the company Arne Likness plead on Pidgon to release her, she discovered to be tied up to a chair in a abandoned office by detective Ashton Frey on 6th May 2020. During the police raid, Ashton shot and killed a human suspect in the building. The police have not released any further details about the suspect. To date she is the only employee recovered.
Vera Dale's Pidgeon