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Ayo Hoshi
Prime Minister
In office
In office
Vice PresidentEmma Dalene
LeaderKurintail Democratic Party
Preceded byUpper Senate Consensus
Upper Senate
In office
Personal details
Political partyKurintail Democratic Party
Alma materNewport State University

Ayo Hoshi; born March 16st, 1991) is an Nystatiszna politician who served as the first president of the Republic of Nystatiszna from 2018 and on going term. A member of the Kurintail Democratic Party, Hoshi is the first president of Nystatiszna He previously served as a senior senator in the Upper Senate from Newport from 2015 to 2018. The Hoshi family is known to have a links with varies international crime organizations, Ayo Hoshi's father was arrested for racketeering, sapient trafficking and assassination of several Bureau agents in Nystatiszna. While Ayo Hoshi has made numerous statements denouncing his father and his family members for their involvement in organized crime. This hasn't stop his opponents to from implying that's he is still involved with organized crime. With many members of the Imperial Party openly calling the degrading nickname "Vannvirksomhet." Which translates to literally "Water Business" applying that he is a business/organization with a high risk of failure. Often used in reference to illegal business such as nightclubs and brothels.

Ayo Hoshi was born in Newport, Nystatiszna. He worked as a community and charity organizer in the Temple of Saint Lilith in his teenage years. After graduating from Newport State University in 2015 with a law degree, he became a civil rights attorney working at the Center for Desegregation Now. He quickly soon turned to elective politics, he represented the Newport district when he ran for the Upper Senate. Hoshi received national attention in 2015, his well-received July Kurintail Democratic National Convention keynote address, and his landslide November election to the Senate. In 2017, he was nominated by the Kurintail Democratic Party for president a year after beginning his campaign, and after a close primary campaign against Christian Enjen. Hoshi was elected over Imperial Party nominee Tone McEngh in the general election and was inaugurated alongside his running mate, Emma Dalene, on January 1, 2018. In 2017 he was chosen as the leader of the KDP on the platform of desegregation, opening the markets to the outside world and having the country under go a completely green industrialization. During the presidential election he had broad support among all political parties including voters from the Imperial Party.

Personal Life

Childhood and education

Ayo Hoshi was born on March 16st, 1991, in Newport, during era of Upper Senate consensus was ruling the republic. He was the 5th and last child to Juni Hoshi the 7th and Martin Hoshi. The Hoshi family are one of the richest family in all of Nystatiszna and they made their home in a manor outside of Newport.

When he was a child, Ayo was a popular, likable kid often helping his more disadvantaged peers in the class room. He grew up in the around his parent's manor and the Temple of Saint Lilith where his mother worked at as the prestigious head brew master. His mother often put him to work cleaning the floor of the temple.

When he was a teenager he took a more active role both in the temple and in the Kemonomimi community. Organizing coat drives, food drives and literacy drives for the poor at the temple.

Personal Wealth

Hoshi keeps a extremely modest lifestyle, often only wearing items that a middle-class Nystatinne can afford. He has stated in interviews that he wants to live a life that all Nystatinnes can achieve one day in the future, and that it's a tragedy so many in Nystatiszna are going without basic goods or services.

Despite is moderate lifestyle, his wealth has been figured to between anywhere from 25 billions SHD to well in the 650s billions SHD. Tracking his wealth has been a matter of a personal mission by a investigative journalist Nora Berge investigating the Hoshi family. Stating Ayo Hoshi has either inherited or killed and then took control his grandfather's criminal empire. This has been criticized for it's lack of clear and direct evidence tying him to the death of the late Miyake Hoshi. However Nora has published several banking records that are attached to Ayo Hoshi. To this date, Hoshi hasn't responded to requests about the records besides stating it's a on-going investigation by the Bureau's Fraud cabinet.

Another journalist Gustav Knudsen, has put forward his own theory and evidence about Hoshi's mysterious wealth. Claiming that Ayo Hoshi wealth isn't from grand father but rather from the Hoshi clan as a whole, putting forward several interviews he had with ex-hitman with heavy connections to the Hoshi clan. The currently imprisoned hitman detailed that Hoshi's wealth is closer to nearly a trillion SHD and he has the full family working behind him. When pressed about why the Hoshi family is putting forward so much resources and time into single man, the hitman explained that Nystatiszna currently too unstable and poor for likings of the Hoshi clan. It's apart of their long term plan of control the Borean underworld, first they make country stable, wealthy and has the Hoshi clan completely ingrained within society. The next step after that is to use Nystatiszna the base for further expansion to the Borean markets. They want to clean up the Hoshi name, make people think that they are the "good bad guys" helping communities, shrines and even the government when called. Many have doubted the hitman claims however several days after the interview that hitman was found hanging in his cell. Official report stating it was a suicide after a note was discovered that the hitman couldn't live himself after killing so many people.

Alleged of Organ Trade

During a Presidential state of address in 2019 being broadcasted across the country, his openly speech was interrupted by several men and women rushing the stage taking his mic. The senators was never identified by the senate however several underground radio casters speculated that they individuals who had their organs harvest previously. However other suggest that it's rather a false flag by the Imperial party to attack his character. What the stage rushers stated never fully recorded however the part that was recorded and passed around in the underground of Nystatiszna then later smuggled out to the greater world. The recording alleged that Ayo Hoshi was in charge of a massive underground organ trafficking involved with the Kæra'zna government, the record further detail several bank numbers attached to the alleged account. Several witnesses to the event stated that the people who rushed the stage stated that they looked unhealthy and that they was Zrei elves.

In a discovered by investigative journalist Nora Berge during her research of the president's personal wealth. She has discovered that several hospitals and private health companies across Urth have in someway received ice bags or freezers from Frossenkropp, a international ice shipping company based out in Rikevaarland, Handelvaar. Ice shipping has been nearly a completely dead industry with the exception of Frossenkropp having contracts with the private healthcare facilities. The company has received funding from three of the bank accounts Hoshi's name, one of the company founders Zho'zhyl Tsøka'sa a Kæran nationale has been photographed with the president and Hoshi was one of the guests invited to the company's shareholder meeting. According to Ayo Hoshi's former staffer Ingvar Wigen has gone on record to state that the president could get transplant organs and blood for his underlings. Using the organs as rewards or replacements if one of his underlings gotten their destroyed in someway. He further stated that the president was able to poison specific organs of his rivals or friends alike and then offer them organs in exchange for political favors. The president denied these claims stating that they fit better into a movie than reality and that he is no way involved in trafficking organs.

When Kæra'zna officials was questioned about the nature of the relationship between the government, the ice company and Hoshi's alleged involvement in organ trade. The isolated country stated no comment about the affairs.


His entry into politics was after working at the Center for Desegregation Now during which he became convinced that only he could end segregation. His experiences dealing with government lawyers, pro-segregation activists and the Kemonomimi who were under attacked by them only made him more further convince him of this.

Running for Upper Senate in 2015 for his home district of Oldport. He easily won the race with his out-spoken pro-equality and open market speeches, with a healthy amount of support of religious voters siding with him. He helped write the bill that created the President's office during his time as senator.

President/Prime Minister 2018-2022

Induction Speech Attack

During his induction speech in 2018 was marked by tragedy when a Zrei supremist threw acid on a crowd of attendees from the 3rd floor of Greensmith office complex. Four people were permanently injured or disfigured and several people were burned.

Solberg Disappearance Scandal

In 2018, March 29rd a pro-segregation activist and radio host of "Zrei News" Matilde Solberg went missing. Several senior Upper Senate senators of the Imperial Party issued a official statement stating that President Hoshi used Nystatiszna Intelligence Bureau to stalk, threaten and then finally murder Solberg. They claimed that Solberg's investigations into Hoshi's past threaten to invalided the 2018 election results. They later retracted the statements after a 3-month long investigation by the a joint Senate committee found there is no link between Solberg, Hoshi and NIB however the public perception still believes that Hoshi had something to-do with Solberg's disappearance.

Hunger Protests of Newport 2021

In May 23 2021, originally starting as a movement to push for the voting rights for all. Many Kemonomimi leaders quickly joined the hunger protest and demand the Senate to pass a series of bills that would have desegregation the country and start the process to dismantle the Nystatiszna Intelligence Bureau. The protest rapidly spread out from Newport into all the major cities, Ayo Hoshi refused to speak about the on going protests until June 6th.

On June 6th, 14 days after the protests was forcibly dissolved, he condemned the protests. Stating that the protest is due to foreign and outsider intervention into our harmonious nation. It's unclear why he stated this.

Korobi Scandal

In 8 October 2021, the East Auroran News Network released a series of documents produced by Operation Wraith. The operation headed by Great Morstaybishlia, was headed to expose the massive underground sapient trafficking and slavery mining operations headed by Posol Industries. With key information found by Remis Posol's crashed jet, linking the Hoshi Clan and Ayo father and known crime boss Yamamoto Hoshi to his involvement in the modern day slave trade. The Hoshi clan was heavily involved in the enslavement and logistics of slave trade, with several Hoshi owned brothels acting fronts for the operation. The most common practice of capturing Kemonomimis for enslave often relied heavily on luring targets into the brothel, drugging them before shipping them off. The operation also exposed a Hoshi clan ran orphanage and victim's shelter was involved in the process. Previous the government and public tolerated the Hoshi clan's charity fronts, believing it's providing a essential services to many of the most vulnerable parts of the population.

Ayo Hoshi was directly involved in stamp his approval on the creation of the Hoshi clan funded charities buildings and approval for allowing shipping containers used in storing the slaves then sending the slaves abroad to target countries without inspection from Nystatiszna Intelligence Bureau. He has went on record stating he wasn't aware of what was in the shipping containers and believed he was assisting in shipping of foreign aid to other nations. He refused to answer further questions on the matter, stating the Bureau is investigating the matter.

Currently, the Bureau hasn't pressed charges on either Ayo or Yamamoto Hoshi nor shut down any of the Hoshi clan's operations. However all shipping containers being sent out of Nystatiszna will be firmly checked by agents of the Bureau and by Kemonomimi civil organizations.