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and largest city
Official languageStaynish
Ethnic groups
100% Human
• King
Lambertus VII
Berin Masters
Arthin Sagemund
• Total
1,250 km2 (480 sq mi)
• 2017 estimate
• 2013 census
GDP (nominal)2017 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left
ISO 3166 codeFRK
Internet TLD.frk

Frorkstolm is an island and hundreds of islets and rocks that sits in the Morstaybishlian Sea and lies north of Staynes and south of Justelvard that forms a jurisdiction. The jurisdiction is not apart of Great Morstaybishlia, however defence and most foreign relations are handled by the Morstaybishlian Government.

Frorkstolm has been inhabited since before 4000 BCE. Frorkish cultural influence began in the 6th century. It was occupied by the Staynish around the year 1014, and was invaded seven times from 1239 to 1489 by Caltharus in attempts to use the island to fortify their naval prowess. The Staynish successfully defended against all invasions.

In 1984, Frorkstolm obtained limited home rule, with partly democratic elections to the Frorkish House of Representatives. The Upper House is elected by the Crown.


Great Morstaybishlia is responsible for the island's defence and ultimately for good governance, and for representing the island in international forums, while the island's own parliament and government have competence over all domestic matters.

Socio-political structure

Frorkstolm's elective Lower House, the House of Representatives, has been in continuous existence since 1984. It forms apart of a bicameral legislature alongside the Legislative Council whose members are appointed by the Crown. These two bodies meet together in joint session as Florence House.

Vice-regal functions of the Head of State are performed by a Lieutenant Governor.


Under Morstaybishlian law, Frorkstolm is not part of The United Kingdom of Great Morstaybishla and Justelvard. However, the MBE takes care of its external and defence affairs, and retains paramount power to legislate for the island. There are no independent military forces on Frorkstolm. From 1970 to 1975 there was the Frork Regiment of the Morstaybishlian Army, which saw action during the Auroran Imperial War.


Citizenship in Frorkstolm is governed by Morstaybishlian law. Passports issued by the Frorkstolm Passport Office say "Morstaybishlian Islands – Frorkstolm" on the cover but the nationality status stated on the passport is simply "Morstaybishlian Citizen". Although Frorkish passport holders are Morstaybishlian citizens, because Frorkstolm is not part of the UNAC, people born on the Island without a parent or grandparent either born, naturalised, registered or resident for more than five consecutive years in Great Morstaybishlia do not have the same rights as other Morstaybishlian citizens with regard to employment and establishment in the UNAC. Frorkish passports can be issued to any Morstaybishlian citizen in Frorkstolm (whether or not that person has "Frork status" as a Frorkish worker under the local Frorkish employment laws). They can also be issued to Frork-connected Morstaybishlian citizens residing in Great Morstaybishlia or either of the other Crown Dependencies.