Azure Sea

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Azure Sea
Coordinates(Center) 52 S 100 E
Surface area11,195,752.35 km2 (4,322,704.15 sq mi)
Average depth3,820 m (12,530 ft)
Max. depth6,397 m (20,988 ft)
Water volume42,767,773.977 km3 (10,260,534.633 cu mi)
Shore lengthUnknown

The Azure Sea is a sea located on the coast of southern Aurora, and is situated between the Packilvanian and Pacific Oceans. It borders Axdel, Oceansend, Great Morstaybishlia, Valerica, Rosalica, Asilica, Sarentria, Faethalria, Tuvaltastan, Nilovia, and Dragonia, and lies at the western side of the Altair Strait, bordering the Sea of Tranquility, with the sea bordering the Sempiternian Ocean to the south. At a total area of 11,195,752.35 sq km, it represents 3.7% of the world's water surface area. The sea is a major thoroughfare for most shippings traveling to and from Southern Aurora, and is one of three primary intermediate waterways between Arcturia and Gondwana, and as such is one of the busiest in the world.