Sea of Tranquility

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Sea of Tranquility
Coordinates37°0′0″S 140°0′0″E / 37.00000°S 140.00000°E / -37.00000; 140.00000
Surface area1,260,475.4 km2 (486,672.3 sq mi)
Average depth2,600 m (8,500 ft)
Max. depth4,238 m (13,904 ft)
Water volume3,277,236.04 km3 (786,250.74 cu mi)
Shore lengthUnknown
IslandsWest Crescent Island, East Crescent Isles
SettlementsCounter-Clockwise, Starting North: South Manchester City, Crescent, Port Enova, Remis Cape, Udabnap'iro, Telavi, Chr'Vorkumi, Vorkumi, Xinuri, Aven, Desora, Ambryen, Fort Elik, Poluspi

The Sea of Tranquility is a sea located on the coast of southeastern Aurora, opening up to the southern Pacific Ocean. It borders the nations Tarelia, Tuvaltastan, and Nilovia, and lies at the eastern side of the Altair Strait. At a total area of 1,260,475.4 sq km, it represents 0.35% of the world's water surface area. The sea is a busy waterway, serving as a primary route for many ships headed from the Azure Sea to Gondwana and Novaris and vice versa.