Victor Victrovavich

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Victor Victrovavich
Chancellor of Tuvaltastan
In office
17 October 2006 – 16 October 2011
Preceded byposition established
Succeeded byAlyona Petrovavich
Chancellor of Salovia
In office
17 October 1974 – 16 October 1980
Preceded byRemis Gregorisi
Succeeded byIvan Strovani
Personal details
Victor Victrovavichidze

(1942-10-03) 3 October 1942 (age 81)
ResidenceAkhalibisi, Tuvaltastan

Victor Victrovavich, born 3 October 1942 as Victor Victrovavichidze, is a Salovian and Tuvalt politician who has served as Chancellor of both Salovia and Tuvaltastan. As Chancellor of Salovia, Victrovavich was a member of talks regarding the formation of the Auroran Continental Assembly (ACA), the predecessor organization to the UNAC. These talks resulted in Salovia rejecting membership, primarily as a result of concerns over the allowance of LGBT individuals to legally marry through the Assembly, a policy which Victrovavich and his administration was against. Despite the rejection of membership, the ACA would nonetheless be founded with the founding members consisting of mostly western Auroran nations, most prominently Great Morstaybishlia and the newly-independent Axdel and Emberwood Coast. Salovia would eventually join the ACA in 1981 under Chancellor Ivan Strovani, and after the Civil War, the successor nations to Salovia would all eventually join the ACA.

Victrovavich as Chancellor of Salovia only served a single term, opting to step down after one term due to falling favorability ratings and general opposition in the Zedakhli and Grand Executive Council. Despite this, a number of his policies would later be adopted by his successor Ivan Strovani, which would culminate in his assassination in 1985.

In Tuvaltastan, Victrovavich helped lay the political groundwork for the nation as a contributor to the Tuvalt Constitution, and later was elected as the first Chancellor. Under his leadership, the nation would be invaded by its northern neighbor Kostromastan during the aptly-named Kost-Tuva War, wherein landlocked Kostromastan would vie for control of much of Tuvaltastan's east coast. His chancellery also saw Nilovia gain independence from Tuvaltastan in 2008, with it falling under civil war soon after.

Political Career

Salovian Chancellory

Auroran Imperial War

Weyrcliff Pact Conference

Military Draft Scandal

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Tuvalt Chancellory

ACA Membership

Kost-Tuva War

Nilovian Independence Movement