Akhalibisi Protests (1976)

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1957 March for Equality
LocationChita, Biramura
Typewikipedia: Demonstration (protest)
12,000+ protestors across Salovia
March for Equality and Representation
DateMarch 12, 1976; 48 years ago (1976-03-12)
Caused by
  • Declaration of War on the Ribenstadt Pact by Salovia
  • Reduction of Conscription Age from 18 to 16

The 1976 Protests of Akhalibisi were a series of both violent and nonviolent protests, primarily by parents and those medically ineligible, that took place in the capital of Salovia in response to the decision of Chancellor Victor Victrovavich to revise the original draft in an effort to bolster the Salovian military in the Auroran Imperial War by reducing the age of draft eligibility from 18 to 16.

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