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I control the nations of Aldaar and Ni-Rao (including the Raonite PDR) and you can find my work in Category:Aldaar and Category:Ni-Rao. You can also find me in the UTEP area of the Executive Discord Server (shameless plug) for any questions, RP related or not. I specialize in in-depth culture, religion, music, ancient wisdom, espionage, procrastination, and writing ridiculously long RPs that nobody ever fully reads.

I make navboxes, like the one at the bottom of this page! To request one for you, go to User talk:StyxPrincess.

My best page currently is: Yufraan Abd'ildarra
The page I am currently working on is: Aldaar

Total Pages: 74

Current Urth RP Focuses:

  • Finishing The Defense of Aldaar
  • Reworking Ni-Rao and finishing the Raonite Civil War
  • Fleshing out the progress in Aldaar through news posts
  • Finishing the Aldaar wiki page and related pages.
  • Building up various Ni-Rao related wiki pages

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