Aldaari Spring

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The Aldaari Spring (Asahri: ربيع الداري), also called the Aldaari Revolution, was a period of instability in the Republic of Mukarras beginning in 2022 and spearheaded by Yufraan Abd'ildarra and the organization Tawaabah. It initiated in response to the oppressive policies of the corporatocratic Golden Oil, LLC, which had controlled the nation since 1920. The Aldaari Spring was not the first rebellion against the company, but it was the only successful one; major effects include the abolishment of the Republic of Mukarras, the reformation of Aldaar, a resurgence in the traditional customs and practices of the Aldaari people and the Dawra religion, and the elevation of Yufraan Abd'ildarra to the position of mutadiit.