Treaty of Absolution

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Treaty on Wealdenite Union
Treaty to establish official governing parameters for the newly united Union of Wealdenite Peoples
TypeFounding treaty
ContextCreated after the fall of the autocratic People's Republic of Wealden
Drafted6 June 2023
Signed10 August 2023
LocationAbsolution, Wealden
Effective1 September 2023
ConditionRatification by all thirty Wealdenite provinces
Provisional applicationSeptember Provision

The Treaty on Wealdenite Union, also known as the Treaty of Absolution, is the foundation treaty of the Wealdenite Union (WU). Early versions of the treaty were drafted as early as 2019 during the heat of The Great Divide, most notably by Cathryn Gargano and Cleveland Durand. Concluded in 2023 by representatives from all thirty Wealdenite communities (known colloquially as 'provinces'), it announced a "new stage in the process of Wealdenite integration" chiefly in provisions for a shared Wealdenite identity, for the introduction of a national identity, and (with less precision) for common foreign and security policies. Although these were widely seen to presage a "federal Wealden", the focus of constitutional debate shifted after the 2007 autocratic takeover of Wealden by Austin Merrill. In the wake of the Wealden debt crisis unfolding from 2009, the most enduring reference to the Treaty of Absolution has been to the rules of compliance for the foundations of a new liberal society founded from the ashes of a collapsed autocratic state.