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Provisional Wealdenite Republic

Persha Vildenit·Sʹka Tymchasova Derzhava
First Wealdenite Provisional Republic
Flag of First Wealdenite Provisional State
Wealden State Emblem.png
State Emblem
Cappedore in Southeastern Yasteria.png
Cappedore in the world.png
and largest city
Official languagesStaynish
Recognised national languagesStaynish, Codexian
44.9% No religion
43.8% Thaerism
6% Paxism
2.6% Akronism
1.4% Fudnukumo
1% Varism
0.2% Ademarism
0.2% Other
3.6% No answer
• Official reorganisation
15 May 2023
• 2022 census
Increase 70,762,093
• Density
270/km2 (699.3/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)estimate
• Total
642.6 billion
• Per capita
CurrencyWealdenite stater (₴)
Date formatdd/mm/yyyy
Driving sideleft

Wealden, known professionally as the Provisional Wealdenite Republic, is an island nation located in Southeastern Yasteria, sharing an ocean border with the Free Pax States and Peregrinia, and bordered in the east by the Pacific Ocean. Wealden has a population of over 70 million within 32 constituent states, the most populous of these being Maia. Wealden's capital city is Kairi.

Various native Cappedorite tribes inhabited the lands around the Driftwood Harbour since antiquity, and tribal kingdoms sprung up in the southwestern region of Cappedore during the middle ages before the accidental arrival of Staynish settlers in 1609. Before its establishment as a republic, Wealden existed as a tributary Archduchy state to the Morstaybishlian Empire, with 5 of its 30 present day states existing as sub-duchies within the United Archduchy of Cappedore. The nation would eventually gain its independence from the Staynish in 1730, with the kingdoms of Thomaria and Wealden joining its ranks, albeit causing long-term division in the country that would eventually spill over in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The Provisional Wealdenite Republic was formed after the 2023 Cappedorite coup d'état, which saw the reformist faction known as the 'Wealdenites' democratically assume power under Cathryn Gargano. The move to reform the state of Cappedore came as a result of the Homradska, a series of protests, riots, and demonstrations from April to May 2023.

Wealden celebrates a strong lumber-based production economy, with the timber industry producing over 500 billion Wealdenite Staters per annum. The economy relies heavily on that of the state of New Cumberland, Wealden's largest state, which produces over ₴4,700 in timber exports per day. Wealden also prospers from a large industry in Arms Manufacturing, especially in naval and aerospace matters - the industry makes over ₴5,250 per day, however this is substantial compared to its peak in January 2020, where it produced over ₴14k per day. A greater Wealdenite focus on tourism and trout fishing between the years 2021-22 helped stabilise the economy.



Prehistory and antiquity

Ancient era

Middle ages

Kingdom of Wealden

Modern history

United Republic of Cappedore

Thomarian Troubles
Great Reform Era
Fort Clement War

Contemporary history

Fall of Cappedore (2023)

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Largest cities


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