St. Astrid Academy

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Aerial view of the Academy

St. Astrid Academy, is a second-level for-profit school in Fantøm, on the border between Tømmer and Handelvaar. The school's motto (Norgsvelden: Fravær) means "absence" as the academy's founder was a furious advocate for non-alcoholic and "clean" ways educate about spiritually Akua. Primarily mainly through educational enlighten and sport activities, such as rugby or hockey . The board of the academy have actively kept up this goal of absence of alcoholic with the exception of allow small beer at meal times. Currently it has over 1,200 students enrolled at any given time, enrollment being based on alumni association, tuition and charity lotteries. Charity lotteries are done through meritocracy means of testing, requiring top marks to be accepted into the prestigious academy. It's sponsored primary through it's previous alumni paying dues and charity events hosted by the Wright Family.

Extra-curricular activities

Sporting and extra-curricular activities include swimming, basketball, boxing, Sverdturneringer (martial only for seniors only to first blood / theater element is for all grade levels however.), hockey, football and wrestling. Non-physical curricular activities include debate, robotics, chess, band art, and a school ran newspaper.