Wright Family

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Wright Family.jpg
Lucille & Hannah Wright
CountryNystatiszna & Rikevaarland
Current regionBorea
Current headLucille "Luke" Wright
MembersLucille & Hannah Wright
Motto"Perfection, Perfection, Perfection"
Estate(s)Ermengarde Manison

The Wright Family is an Nystatinne family whose collective fortune derives from their controlling ownership of rental properties in Fantøm and Newport as well one of the largest construction companies in Borea. They are one of the richest families in Nystatiszna, however their current residence is Rikevaarland end of the Fantøm. Currently there is only two living members of the Wright family, Hannah Wright neé Evans and Lucille Mitchell "Luke" Wright are prominent members of the Borean high-end social scene. Hosting many lavish parties in their manor, the Ermengarde Mansion. The Mansion was built on the border between Nystatiszna and Rikevaarland in the 1700s and remodeled in 2022.

Charity Events

The Wright family is famed for it's funding altruistic endeavors such as literacy drives, vaccines initiatives and food banks all across Nystatiszna.

Yarn Ball

The Yarn Ball is a yearly event hosted by the Wright Family at their manor. It one of the largest balls and charity events in all of Borea, nearly funding all of the nekomimi schools in Nystatiszna and vaccine drives. The luxurious event is invite only, allowing only the most rich and prompted families of Urth in to the exclusive event. The invite list is considered to be a closely guarded secret however members of the press are allowed in, provided they are approved by Lucille Wright before hand personally. The ball is slightly controversial due to the traditional requirement of the ball of having all invitees dressing up as and "acting" as nekomimis. The Wright family has repeatedly defended the controversial dressing requirement stating it's necessary to "walk a mile in Nekomimi shoes" in order to fully understand the plight of the nekomimi people.

The Wright Person for the Job

The Wright Person for the Job is part charity event and part reality television contest. Every Winter season, the Wright family offers college students in the Fantøm to pay their tuition and million SHD to their preferred charity by preforming live on television. All participants in the month-long special are compensated in pre-negotiated contracts, participants still own their own copyright due to legalities within the Fantøm. Televised contest runs non-stop for the winter season, weaving in previous contest winners and runner ups with the new entries into the contest. The voting process is a closely guarded secret, with voters being randomly selected from citizens within in the Fantøm and by the Wrights themselves. Entires have included everything from singing, to full length movies of B movie quality and Sverdturneringer (to the first blood) plays. Citizens can donate directly to charities the students are sponsoring as well.