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Sverdturneringer is a fashion and martial game or contest between several Kemonomimi slaves wielding sharpen wooden spears and swords made from scrap metal. The original point of the games according to a late 1800s handbook guide is to "create chivalry among the Kemonomimi, entertained their masters and to show the purity of Kemonomimi livestock." Some Kemonomimi were volunteered in the games, risking their lives for the rich rewards in standing and in profit. Majority Kemonomimi were forced into it as slaves, schooled under harsh conditions to learn a heavily romanticized chivalric codes of honor, martial arts and how to act in plays. Many of the contests often have a over-arching play or plot going on over the course of it. Requiring Kemonomimi to recite codes of honor and poems of passion to their slave masters or singing songs for the audience. The contests often have a host massive gambling tents, waging on who will survive each round. Zrei slavers often enroll their prime stock of Kemonomimi into the contest, showing off their efforts of breeding and hosting auctions sells during the events.

In the modern times Sverdturneringers has been divided into two camps. Martial Camp which is the largest camp, which focus more on martial side of the contests compared to the pageantry of the former version. The second camp focus on the romanticization of contests, with many Nystatinne fashion designers making intricate clothing designs not just for the "knights" but for the servants in the event as well. Having them to wear "inspired" servant dress from the early 1900s and late 1800s.


Fashion serves a important role in Sverdturneringer, for both the artform and as a way to climbing socially. Hosts of the the Sverdturneringer traditionally are seen to provide event clothing for all visitors and staff. It ties back to the olden days of slavery, where the Zrei clans/families would force their Kemonomimi slaves out of their warm fur-based clothing and into thin cloth with more fantasy design in mind than survival. The clothing was normally extremely uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time even more so for the Kemonomimi due to the clothing lacking any tailholes. Forcing many of them to having to shove their tails down the pant legs or dress. Additionally some event hosts required tails to be tied along the leg, as to prevent the tails from being shown at all. Clothing are often gifted to the visitors and staff, as each Sverdturneringer it's required to have different theme or story each time. Meaning that new clothes have to be designed each time.

In modern times, clothing is still given out in Nystatiszna by the state-owned company Kulturogunderholdningsråd which host the modern day events. The clothing lacks the fantasy designs of the past, favoring making clothing that will work year round and include tail holes for Kemonomimi. Citizens are still legally required to dress up for the event in order to reach the spirit of the Sverdturneringer. The clothing counts as part of the citizen's yearly ration of life goods.


Zho'serdurner is a varient of Sverdturneringer, specifically the Martial Camp, done within Kæra'zna. Originating from the Kæzhyn word for the contest - Serdurner - and the Kæzhyn word Zho, meaning War or Weapon, the Varient is performed voluntarily by members of the Aznøf - a small subset of the Kæra Lower Class who sit on the borderline of their quotas.

In Zho'serdurner, the participant Aznøf are given a 24 hour period to find "Sponsers" - an option open to any Kæra Upperclassmen willing to trade any item that may assist the Aznøf in victory for an equal share amongst that Aznøf's Sponsers of the prize money should their chosen Aznøf acheive victory. As a by-product of Aznøfs being unable to bear arms, such weapons are disallowed by virtue.

While devoating heavily from less-martial forms of Sverdturneringer, music and performance remains a part of Zho'serdurner, though performed by non-combatants, both to exetuante the thrill of the combat and to harken back to the original Nystatinne version. Music performed follows traditional Kæra lyrical themes of History - with themes of War and Sacrifice often being implemented - however strays from traditional Kæra music via using a fast tempo, tendancy towards guitars taking a central focus - especially with the use of distortion and a general trend towards loud, emphatic beats. The musoc has often been heavily synonomous with power metal, although it is often referred to as Kæra Metal to differenciate the two very similar genres - with the latter lacking the distinct high-pitched vocals of the former. The main difference is in tone, with Kæra Metal generally taking a similar uplofting fantastical tone to begin with, however tending towards a tragic narrative progression as the song continues, mimicking the nature of the battle to the death contained within the sport.

Traditionally, to mimic Kemonomimi used in Sverdturneringer, metal "cat ears" are inserted into the top of the heads of participants, kept in place by tight screws inserted into the skull. The winner of a Zho'serdurner is, while returned to their original Social Class, forced to retain this headpiece for the rest of their lives, acting as an example to others around them to not underperform in their duties. Those with these ears are generally shunned by their fellow workers, who see it as a sign of both having let the Collective down and of murdering their fellow compatriots for personal survival.

Prize money is shared amongst the sponsers of the last living participant, with the participant in question recieving nothing but the ability to return to work with a "grace period" where they are given a smaller quota. Surrender is an option, however those that do are subject to a public execution following the event.

Western Borea Customs

Western Borea Sverdturneringer cultural, is primary focused on theatric aspect of the contests. Officially standing that the Sverdturneringer is a Western Borea tradition that only has ever focused on the theatric aspect blaming the violence and martial aspects of the contest as a barbaric Eastern Borean traditions. In additional to claiming of having to event the contest, the West Borea Federation denounces the current laws about the Sverdturneringer in Eastern Borea calling it cruel punishment and completely against sapient kind.


Sverdturneringer is currently fully legal in Nystatiszna, however the forcing people into is considered to be highly offensive (to some audiences) and recently made illegal by executive order by President Hoshi in late 2019.

Gusanaszna has complete outlawed the contest during the liquidation of BTC in the 1900s by CEO Astra Varinheart.

Kæra'zna has both maintained the legality and propogated the use of the game as a social event. It is more popular in the East of the country however, with other options for Aznøf being deemed preferable in the West, notably due to harsher Anti-Kemonomimi sentiment and the popularity of the popularity of Aznøf'ul Teams in Kæra Rules Football.