Rosamund II

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Rosamund II
Portrait in 1870
Queen of Morstaybishlia
Reign5 April 1879 - 2 April 1897
Coronation12 December 1880
PredecessorKing Frederick III
SuccessorKing Thadeus I
Born7 February 1840
Sani Bursil Royal Palace
Died2 April 1897(1897-04-02) (aged 57)
Visteue Royal House
Syllester Abbey
SpousePrince Ake of Asendavia (m. 1869)
IssueKing Thadeus I
Prince Rainaldus
Prince Redrugus
Prince Walter
Princess Vailia
Princess Primessa
Rosamund Serena Florence Visteue
FatherKing Frederick III
SignatureRosamund II's signature

Rosamund II (Rosamund Serena Florence; born 7 February 1840 - 2 April 1897) was Queen of the Kingdom of Morstaybishlia from 5 April 1879 until her death. Her reign lasted for 18 years and 55 days which saw over the Morstaybishlian Empire at its greatest territorial extent; she is considered the the most powerful women to have ever existed.

She was the first of three daughters from King Frederick III and —. At age 25 she married Prince Ake of Asendavia who was five years her junior, and who she had six children with, Thadeus I and five others; Prince Rainaldus, Prince Redrugus, Prince Jari, Princess Vailia and Princess Primessa. She inherited the throne upon her mothers death aged 39. She was the last Morstaybishlian monarch of the House of Visteue, and married into the House of Harstad. She was succeeded by her son King Thadeus I of the House of Harstad, but upon the outbreak of the Great War he changed his surname to Louzar to differentiate with the Harstad's, whom had led Asendavia to become enemies against Morstopackia, restoring the House for the second time.

Because of her children and grandchildren's marriages, Rosamund is considered the modern Grandmother of royal dynasties. Her son Thadeus married into Packilvania, her grandson, Thadeus II, married into Kuthernburg, and more.