Thadeus II

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Thadeus II
Portrait in 1966
King of Morstaybishlia and its Overseas Territories
Reign1 August 1917 - 4 October 1967
Coronation12 May 1918
PredecessorKing Thadeus I
SuccessorKing Edwin IV
Born14 March 1901
Bingöl, Packilvania
Died4 October 1967(1967-10-04) (aged 66)
Visteue Royal House, Surbila, Staynes
Syllester Abbey
IssueKing Edwin IV
Prince Harmeus of Blueacia
Princess Azenor
Thadeus Alzar Redrugus
FatherKing Thadeus I
MotherZerah Demir IV of Packilvania
SignatureThadeus II's signature

Thadeus II (Thadeus Alzar Redrugus; 14 March 1901 - 4 October 1967) was King of Morstaybishlia from 1 August 1917 until his death.