Noramous Belth

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Noramous Belth
A sketch of Noramous Belth drawn by an Islander Native
BornJune 11, 1593
Died5 June 1615(1615-06-05) (aged 21)
Seibhu, Meri Laulu
(Now Seibhu City, Sokala)
Cause of deathHeatstroke
Other namesNorman

Noramous Iglesias Belth (June 11, 1593 - February 3,1615) was a Morstaybishlian crewmen of the Imperial Navy during the early settlement of the Morstaybishlian Empire in Arcturia. He participated in several colonial expeditions as a naval crewman in the MBS Haligar, an early Morstaybishlian third rate ship of the line under the leadership of Captain Symvlad Arkots. In early 1600s, MBS Haligar was sent to establish a colony southwards of New Calth. On their way to establishing the colony, MBS Haligar was attacked by an Ethalrian patrol fleet. Belth was able to escape with a few crewmen and women while the majority of the crew including Captain Arkots died fighting the Ethalrians. Later on, Belth and his small group would land on a group of islands where they would establish the settlement that will lead to the rise of Meri Laulu. He died in the summer of 1615 after suffering a heat stroke while working in the fields.

Noramous Belth's home town in Morstaybishlia

Early Life

Noramous Belth was born in the Morstaybishlian portof Hortlian. His mother, Gertrude Belth, worked as a barmaid in a local tavern and his father, Asmond Belth, was a sailor for a rich merchant. Unlike most Morstaybishlian children, he did not attend schooling of any kind. He was taught by his father the basics of being a sailor while his mother taught him language basics.

Crewman Life

MBS Haligar

Establishment of Meri Laulu

Crewman turned Leader