Meri Laulu

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This page or section is not canon and should not be considered part of current TEP Evolved RP.
Meri Laulu

the sokalan nation flag
the sokalan nation flag
Flag of Meri Laulu
Coat of arms
Motto: Long Live Meri Laulu!(Mabuhay ang Meri Laulu!)
LocationEastern Arcturia
CapitalSeibhu City
Largest cityBondoc City
Official languagesStaynish
Demonym(s)Meri Lauluan, Lauluan
GovernmentFederal Direct Democracy presidential republic
• President
Tiaro Sokala
Benedicht Coomberbach
• Establishment of Meri Laulu
August 19, 1620
• Destablishment pf Meri Laulu
August 22, 1620

Meri Laulu was a nation in Arcturia that was defeated in the Meri Lauluan Coalition War.

Etymology and terminology



Meri Laulu's Establishment

A drawing of the Haligar at a Morst dock

In the early 1600s, Morstaybishlian King Lambertus V sent a ship to establish a colony southward of New Calth, a colony of the Ethalarian Empire. The ship sent for the mission was the Haligar, a newly constructed galleon, and was lead by Captain Symvlad Arkots. The Haligar was manned by the 100-man crew and brought almost 40 tons of materials needed to build a proper colony. Unfortunately for King Lambertus IV and the Haligar, the Ethalarian Empire acquired information that the Morstaybishlians were vying to start a colony just south of New Calth and viewed it as a possible threat. The Ethalarian Empire, in response, sent a small fleet of Ethalarian ships to intercept the Haligar. 50 miles off the coast of New Calth, Ethalarian ships were finally able to intercept and capture Haligar’s crew, including Captain Arkots. They were given two choices to choose from: Become Ethalarian prisoners or be dropped off on an island. While most of the crew were thinking of what to choose, Captain Arkots managed to escape his bonds and attacked the Ethalarian soldiers. This inspired other crew members to escape their bonds and attack while others took over rowboats and escaped. After 30 minutes of chaotic brawls, the dust settled, it was revealed that Captain Arkots, along with 63 crewmen, managed to kill 20 Ethalarian marines before dying during the brawl while the rest fled in rowboats. The Ethalarians decided to let the escapees go and returned to New Calth. News of the Haligar’s demise would soon reach King Lambertus V and would start what would be the Battle for Luxaria.

After 5 days at sea, Deckhand Noramus Belth and the other 37 survivors of Haligar finally found an island that was suitable to take shelter in. With the little supplies and armament, they managed to bring, they established what they thought would be a temporary settlement.

Three weeks after establishing a settlement, Belth decided to explore the nearby islands for more resources. On the first island, Belth and his men found several abandoned huts constructed from coconut lumber and corn leaves. After several hours of exploring, Belth decided to explore the next island. Before reaching the next island, Belth encountered several of what looked like islander natives. The deckhand, leading his men, tried to communicate with the natives. Instead of responding with words, he was met with various kinds of objects being thrown at him, causing him and his men to hastily row away to their settlement. Deciding that the natives would soon attack them, Belth prepared for what he thought would be their demise. Three days later, to Belth’s surprise, several dozen native fishing boats came, and instead of attacking them offered them food, clothing, and even building materials. This marked the start of the strong bond between Belth’s group and the natives.

The following months would lead to the unification of various tribes of Arcturian Islanders. By the end of the month, a total of 100 tribes have congregated and decided to merge with the growing nation. The nation would be unofficially called Meri Laulu or 'united flowers' in old Arcturian Islander. The fledgling nation began establishing settlements across the southern portion of the archipelago with most settlements being built on the coast. These settlements were later spotted by Morstaybishlian merchants who then opened trade with the natives. Soon, news of the new nation spread across Aurora and the other continents. Situated below colonies of the Ethalrian Empire, Caltharus, Staynnes, and Salovia; Meri Laulu bloomed economically with traders flowing in from nearby Arcturian and Auroran nations. Seibhu, Meri Laulu's largest settlement, bloomed with its docks constantly bustling with ships. Seibhu served as the dropoff point of cargo from merchants coming from Southern Arcturia.