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Portrait in 1989
Prince of Blueacia
Reign(disputed 26 March 1970) official 30 July 1975 - 30 July 1999
Coronation30 July 1975
PredecessorKing Thadeus II of Morstaybishlia
SuccessorPrince Vermillius Louzar
Born6 September 1929
Sani Bursil Royal Palace, Sani Bursil
Died6 October 2005(2005-10-06) (aged 76)
UMS Labia Cue, Labia Cue, Blueacia
Burial15 October 2005
Neie Tsjerke, Labia Cue
SpousePrincess Josephina (m. 1966)
IssuePrince Vermillius
Harmeus George Frederick
FatherKing Thadeus II of Morstaybishlia
MotherQueen Victoria IV of Kuthernburg

Harmeus of Blueacia (Harmeus George Frederick; 6 September 1929 - 6 October 2005) was the reigning Prince of Blueacia from 1970/1975 until his abdication on 30 July 1999, exactly 24 years after he was crowned the first Prince of Blueacia.

Harmeus was the second son and third child of Thadeus II of Morstaybishlia and Victoria IV of Kuthernburg. He became the sovereign of Blueacia after their independence was granted in 1975 after being invited to do so.

When Blueacia proclaimed its independence from the Morstaybishlian Empire, Harmeus was soon chosen and asked to become the sovereign of Blueacia. This was an obvious choice since he already held the title “Prince of Blueacia”. Harmeus didn’t accept the invitation right away since the Morstaybishlian Empire was still at war. When the war was over 5 years later Blueacia re-invited him to become their sovereign, as preparations had been building for 5 years. Harmeus this time said he would do it but on the condition the title for the monarch would be Prince since he believed he wasn’t allowed an as high position as his older brother King Galfridius. Finally when everyone agreed on the what and how Harmeus got his coronation exactly 1 week after the Auroran Imperial War was over.

Early Life

Harmeus was born in the Royal Palace of Sani Bursil in The Morstaylian Empire. He is born on 6 September 1929. He was the third child of King Thadeus II and Queen Victoria IV


Harmeus wanted to travel the world and wanted to bring people together that's why he choose the study to become an embassedor. He thought that since he wasn't going to be the High-King, but still was a Prince some doors would open quicker for him as for other people.

Prince in Staynes

Prince of Blueacia



Grand Children

Sickness & Abdication

Prince Harmeus suffered a depression in 1982 and went to a clinic for a few weeks, this meant that for those few weeks his wife Princess Josephina functioned as the monarch of Blueacia. This was the first time abdication of Prince Harmeus was ever mentioned. When Prince Harmeus came back to resume his duty he didn't really recovered for a few years. Only in 1985 people said he overcame his depression. In those years there were a few official state visits to and from other countries. The Prince wouldn't be attending everything so his wife and childeren had to do some off the official business. But for the most important parts the Prince was still there. In 1985 when he overcome his depressions the Royal Family made a state visit to his old country of the UK this also did the Prince good.

Next few years went really for the Prince and his family, he even saw a few grandchilderen be born. This was one off the dreams of the Prince. he wanted to make sure the bloodline continued and with the third generation of the family this was achieved. Some of the grandchildren even made their official debute when they joined the family on the tour through Blueacia on the national holliday "Prinsendei". Abdication at this stage looked to be far away with a happy Prince agian.

In 1991 the Prince was diagnosed with Parkison's, this was already noticed and expected by a lot of Blueacian people as he seemed stiffer and stiffer, but he started to get shakier each year that passed by. The Prince ones said during a speech "I'll stay Prince for as long as the Lord tels me to do. And I won't quit this job just because my body doesn't do everything I want when I want it to do anymore. People have to live there lives with these deseases, and so do I."

In 1999 Prince Harmeus abdicated to his son Prince Vermillius. This on the same date he was crowned the Prince of Blueacia exactly 24 years earlier.


After his abdication the health of the Prince kept getting worse at a steady pace, he sometimes showed signs of recovery but they became less and less as time went on. In 2000 He got kidney failures because of the prostate cancer he was operated on in 1998. In 2001 1 off his kidneys was removed and he started getting problems with his second kidney. In February 2002 he became grandfather for the last time and even showed up when the baby was baptised in June 15th the "Neie Tsjerke" in Bûtenpost. This would be the last time he made a public appearance. On 9 Augustus of 2002 Harmeus underwent coronary angioplasty for his worsening stenosis. On 6 October of 2002 Harmeus died, aged 76, in the "Universitair Medisk Sintrum Labia Cue" in Blueacia due to complications of Parkison's and pneumonia.

Prince Harmeus was burried on 15 October 2002 in the newly created family tomb under the "Neie Tsjerke" in Bûtenpost where he had his last public appearance just 4 monts earlier. He was the first to get a Blueacian state funeral