Green Alliance MBE

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Green Alliance MBE
LeaderLucia Malim
Deputy LeaderRosamund Kandence
ChairThomas Gurinson
FoundedNovember 1999
HeadquartersEldor, Great Morstaybishlia
IdeologyGreen politics
Political positionLeft-wing
International affiliationNone
Colors  Green
Seats in the House of Representatives
2 / 1,794

The Green Alliance MBE (Often simply the Green Party or Greens) is a green, left-wing political party in Great Morstaybishlia, but only holding active seats in Staynes and Caltharus. It's leader has been Lucia Malim since July 2018. The Greens currently have 2 Members of Parliament (MPs) in the MBE House of Representatives.

The party's ideology combines environmentalism with left-wing economic policies, including well-funded, locally controlled public services. It advocates a steady-state economy with regulated capitalism, and supports proportional representation. It also takes a progressive approach to social policies such as civil liberties, animal rights, LGBT rights, and drug policy reform. The party also believes strongly in non-violence, universal basic income, a living wage, and democratic participation. They comprise various regional divisions across all four constituent countries of the MBE.