Fatherland Party

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Fatherland Party

Fedrelands Partiet
LeaderErik Vederveld
Founded11th November 1980
Merger ofFolkepartiet (People's Party)
Partiet for Ekte Ulvriktru (Party for Real Ulvriktru)
Norgsveltiske Alliansen (Norgsveltian Alliance)
HeadquartersOsfjord, Norgsveldet
Right-wing Populism
Political positionRight wing
International affiliationNone
Colors  Brown   Green

The Fatherland Party (Norgsveltian: Fedrelands Partiet) abbreviated to FP is a religious and nationalistic party in Norgsveldet. It is apart of the opposition in the Norgsveltian parliament under the leadership of Erik Vederveld. It is the second youngest party in the parliament. The party promote family values, protectionist trade policies, increased social spending, protection for the nature and more isolationist foreign policy which include getting Norgsveldet out of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances (UCA). The party having won it's biggest electoral success in 2016 under the leadership of it's more moderate member Erik Vederveld. Alot thanks to it's promises of helping the southern Norgsveltian farmers with it's trade policies. Claiming that economic globalisation has made it harder for farmers. The party often getting into controversy for it's more radical members that has been accused for being anti monarchist and speciest in nature, including spreading far right conspiracies and hatefull speech against religious and species minorities. Mainly targeting Akuanists and kemonomimi.

The party was formed as grand coalition between three right wing parties after the Norgsveltian loss in the Tieresh Independence War, in which they claimed to be a national humilation. The three minor parties being Folkepartiet (Staynish: People's Party) a populist agrarian party stationed in Nyveldet, Partiet for Ekte Ulvriktru (Staynish: Party for Real Ulvriktru) a national-conservative party blaming Norgsveldet's loss in the war to be on it becoming less religious, and finally Norgsveltiske Alliansen (Stayish: Norgsveltian Alliance) a far-right nationalist party that was demanding the "unification" of Eyjaria and Dvalheim to what they saw as being apart of "Greater Norgsveldet". Though despite the merging of the three parties, they did not win a single seat in the Norgsveltian parliament until 2009, under the leadership of Erik Vederveld, with him being seen as avaible to moderate the party.