Fatherland Party

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Fatherland Party

Fedrelands Partiet
LeaderRosia Sannadatur
Founded11th November 1991
Merger ofPartiet for Ekte Ulvriktru (Party for Real Ulvriktru)
Norgsveltiske Alliansen (Norgsveltian Alliance)
HeadquartersWergby, Norgsveldet
Right-wing Populism
Political positionRight wing
International affiliationNone
Colors  Brown   Green

The Fatherland Party (Norgsveltian: Fedrelands Partiet) abbreviated to FP is a religious and nationalistic party in Norgsveldet. It is a part of the opposition in the Norgsveltian parliament under the leadership of Rosia Sannadatur. It is the second youngest party in the parliament. The party promotes family values, protectionist trade policies, increased social spending, protection for nature and more isolationist foreign policy which include getting Norgsveldet out of the Union of Commonwealth Alliances (UCA). The party won its biggest electoral success in 2016 under the leadership of its more moderate member Erik Vederveld. Alot thanks to its harsh criticism of Johanna Sverdrup’s economic policies and environmental policies which negatively affected Nyveldet. The party often got into controversy for its more radical members that have been accused for being anti-monarchist, with some members having had Hirdist past and speciest talking points. Which not limited to but includes the spreading of far right conspiracies, hateful speech against religious and species minorities, historical revisionism about Akuanist atrocities done by the Norgsveltian Army during the Great War and wanting to end what they see as “special treatment” towards Duarist Tieflings.

The party was formed as a grand coalition between two far right parties in opposition to Pro-LGBTQ and decolonial policies of Magrete Kverheim. With them being founded in Nyveldet, which was the most nationalistic and conservative administrative region of Norgsveldet. The two minor parties being the ultra-conservative Partiet for Ekte Ulvriktru (Party for Real Ulvriktru) which was a Nyveldian splinter party from the Ulvriktru Democrats after they backed the decriminalization of homosexuality in 1979. And the fringe far right national conservative party of the Norgsveltiske Alliansen (Norgsveltian Alliance) which split off from the NCP on the issue of not being “strong” enough in the fight against decolonisation and communism.

Despite the merging of the two parties, they did not become popular outside Nyveldet until Erik Vederveld became leader of the party in the early 2000s, with him being seen as available to moderate the party. On the 10th July 2023 Rosia Sannadatur was chosen as the party’s new leader. Having previously served as the Party’s Deputy Leader and leader of the Women’s Patriotic Legion (WPL), the Women wing of the party. With Sannadatur having been previously known for radical nationalistic stances especially for having made statements which imply her belief in the Ragnar Exoneration Myth.