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Unprovinced Territory of Elatana

Nomanerís Ítaktanerísa Elatana (Tavari)
Elatana Eipronvitsala (Rodokan)
The flag of Elatana.
Elatana wiki.png
Location of Elatana (dark green) off the coast of the continent of Arcturia (grey)
and largest city
Official languagesTavari
Recognised regional languagesAlkari
Ethnic groups
Tavari Orc 69%
Alkari Elf 20%
Human 8%
All Others 3%
Demonym(s)Elatanan, Elatanašta
GovernmentUnitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• King
Zaram V
• Prime Minister
Žarís Nevran Alandar
• Administrator
Tevri Kantõši Nolandar
LegislatureAssembly of Elatana
• Initial settlement
1699 CE
• Total
61,579 km2 (23,776 sq mi)
• 2021 estimate
• 2017 census
CurrencyTavari Našdat (ŋ) (TAN)
Time zoneUniversal Time at Christie (UTC +0)
Driving sideright
Calling code+42
Internet TLD.ta

Elatana is an unprovinced territory (overseas possession) of the Kingdom of Tavaris. The island was nominally claimed by Balistria for some centuries before Tavaris and Alksearia jointly began to settle the island in 1699 CE. A brief military conflict between the Alkari-Tavari coalition and the Balistrians threatened the colony during its early days, but Balistrian defeat led to the solidification of Tavari control over the island. For decades, Tavaris used Elatana as a penal colony, with prisoners routinely sentenced to "hard labor" shipped to Elatana to assist in the building of the colony. The last Tavari convict sentenced to labor on Elatana was sentenced in 1858.

In a unique arrangement found nowhere else in Tavaris, Elatana has an autonomous zone on the northern coast primarily populated by Alkari elves. The North Elatana Autonomous Zone, which is home to the vast majority of the ethnic Alksearians on the island, has most of the legal freedoms as does the Rodoka Native Tribal Administration; the North Elatana Assembly and its executive, known as the Resident Administrator, governs all public land within the zone, regulates businesses, construction, and infrastructure, and is permitted to set a local VAT. The only power that the North Elatana Autonomous Zone does not have that the RNTA does is the ability to set its own income tax. The national Tavari income tax applies over all of Elatana.

Elatana is often known as the most diverse part of Tavaris. It has the lowest proportion of orcs (and therefore the highest proportion of non-orcs) of anywhere in the country. While a majority of the ethnic Tavari on the island are Akronists, nearly all residents of North Elatana belong to the Church of Xaethos, with the remainder being Tavari Traditionalists or irreligious. Elatana has served for centuries as a base of operations for Akronist attempts to spread their religion into Arcturia; the most notable example being Karishkanov.