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Ranzalar Holdings, Inc.
V.K. Armova Ranzalar
Ranzalar Holdings
TypeHolding Company
Founded22 September 1987
HeadquartersNuvrenon, Tavaris
Area served
Key people
Toran Nuvo Ranzalar (President)
Palm Oil
Lithium mining
Battery manufacturing
Revenue$247.3 billion SHD (2019)
OwnerToran Nuvo Ranzalar
Number of employees
157,000+ (2019)
SubsidiariesRanzalar Palm Products
Monata Automotive
Kataza, Inc.

Ranzalar Holdings, Inc. (legally incorporated in Tavaris as V.K. Armova Ranzalar) is the holding company for the personal ventures of Toran Nuvo Ranzalar, the richest individual in Tavaris. It consists of four primary divisions, each of which is also a subsidiary corporation: Ranzalar Palm Products, which is Tavaris' largest producer of palm oil; Monata Automotive, which is the market leader among Tavari car manufacturers; Ranzalar Media, which owns the major Tavari news outlet Union Media Alliance and the largest polling firm in the Tavari Union, Ranzalar Media Research; and Kataza, a mining firm specializing in lithium.

In 2021, Nuvo Ranzalar announced he was starting Kataza to produce rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for use in electronics. He also announced his intention to bid for lithium mining rights in the Nandrat River National Forest and won the rights in an auction conducted by the government of Prime Minister Žarís Nevran Alandar in 2021. The mining venture was highly controversial especially among political Akronists and formed an impetus for violence during the 2021-2022 Tavari partition crisis. Nandrat Province, the location of the lithium lode, did not secede to join Acronis and the plans to open the mine continue to proceed.

Ranzalar Palm Products

Ranzalar Palm Products was established in 1964 by Amaran Nuvo Ranzalar, Toran's grandfather, and was inherited by Toran in 1985 upon his grandfather's death. In the 1970s, a significant period of conglomeration occurred in the Tavari palm oil industry as smaller, regional companies were bought out by nationwide firms. Ranzalar was a leading force in this, and by 1979, Ranzalar was the largest landowner in Nuvo Province and either owned outright or owned stakes in approximately half of the palm plantations in the province. When Toran took over the company in 1985, it was already making $75 billion SHD per year in revenue.

Ranzalar has made a name for itself in the industry primarily by making firm public commitments to fair trade and labor practices at all of its facilities, which it has in Tavaris, New Rania, and Ni-Rao. Toran Nuvo Ranzalar made a commitment upon assuming control of the company that the company would never establish a plantation in an area that had been clear-cut of old-growth rainforest at any point after the year 1900. This means most of southern Tavaris, where most of the rainforest had been clear-cut since antiquity, is available for expansion - but areas such as the Translokonia region of New Rania would not, as any removal of trees would violate the commitment. Additionally, the company plants one tree in an area of the world that has been deforested for every oil palm that it plants on one of its plantations. Ranzalar has been situated at the high-end of the international palm oil since the 1980s, and has seen growth in revenue all but 3 years since 1985.

Monata Automotive

Monata Automotive Company was established in 1929 in Odai, Tavaris. The company's name is a Tavari word meaning "to go far." The company was family owned by the descendants of Tavari automotive pioneer Lirala Tano Rentrovat until 1990, at which time the family sold the company to a Tavari private equity firm named Nolara Equity Partners for $38 billion SHD. Six years later, Nolara announced that the company had not performed to expectations and that it would be selling Monata to a Banian auto manufacturer, Utana, for $28.5 billion SHD, a loss of nearly ten billion dollars. This move was immensely unpopular in Tavaris, as the idea of a Banian company manufacturing cars in Tavaris was politically repugnant to most people. While he had never intended to enter the automotive industry, Nuvo Ranzalar made a counter-offer of $48 billion, twenty billion more than what Utana was offering, an amount Nuvo Ranzalar knew Utana could not reach. Nolara agreed to sell the company to Ranzalar Holdings.

In 2004, Ranzalar Holdings sold a 40% stake in Monata to the North Ethalrian car manufacturer Audelli Group. Ranzalar Holdings maintains the controlling stake in the company. Monata Automotive has been the leading manufacturer of cars in Tavaris since 2014.