Guilder's Strait Conflict

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Guilder's Strait Conflict
DateJuly 13th 1985 - January 24th 1986
(6 months, 1 week and 4 days)
Adliausirijk, Western Yasteria

Nominal Vistari Victory
Treaty of Rotsbaai

  • Affirmation of Pre-War Borders
  • Dismantlement of Federation Military Aircraft Production
  • Dissolution of the Noorvic People's Army and Disarmament of Noorvic Paramilitaries
  • Minor Concessions to the Veitård
  • Imprisonment of Rebel Leaders
Vistari Empire Southern Coast
Noorvic People's Army
Upper Suvania
Durakan Volunteers
Commanders and leaders
Pieter IV
Wilhelm Brokke
Vincent van Donrijzier
Florentijn Vlekhart
Aimard Kosta
Jurren Ivor †
Hallr Brachen
Xander Aknol
Bruno Vallotton
Nina Blanchet
Judith Ardouin
Victoria Peltier
Alwin Frisk
Lykke Eleveld †
Mart-Jan Bjelke (POW)
Targe Helvig (POW)
Tabur Arslan
Joseb Nimytz
Kalle Nyhuis
Jakob Toft †
Emil Breinar
Einar Hall (POW)
The Guilder's Strait Conflict, also known as the Second Noorvic Revolt and the Vistari-Federation War, was a war fought between the Ducal Federation of Vistarland and Noorvic Rebels in the regions of Noorvista and Adilausirijk, which was escalated due to involvement by the Federation of the Southern Coast in support of the Left-wing Noorvic People's Army. A majority of the war was fought in a non-conventional manner, with often disorganized Noorvic Militia Groups clashing with the Vistari Police Force, known informally as Lopers. It was the last organized rising of the Noorvic, with the Reconciliation of Duchies Act 1986 and the atrocities committed by Noorvic Revolutionaries causing the movement to dwindle in popularity in the region. The groups that came about from the dissolving of the Noorvic Socialist Revolutionary Party becoming either forced into obscurity or absorbed by the Socially Democratic and Moderate Noorvista Labour Association, forming the Northern Movement in 1994, while those who had formed the Veitård organized under the Noorvic National Democratic Union and factions of the Viltorist People's Party.

Direct combat between Vistaraland and the Federation was rare on the ground, however the two battled at sea and in the air, with the occupation of Adliausirijk being dampened by the Vistari control of the Alvan Sea, as well as a string of close victories by the Imperial Air Forces.