Irnac War

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Irnac War
Date21st July 2020 - 19th September 2020
Irnac, Novaris
Result Joint Command victory
Annexation of Vakarastan by Durakia
Commanders and leaders
Durakia Horis Adley
Durakia Otto Mistov
Volscina Ilse Erika von Fraeyelv
Volscina Ludwig Noske
Volscina Gustav Wilhelm Strathardt
Tretrid Eoforwine Æthelstanesunu
Tretrid Eadmund Badason
Norgsveldet Johanna Sverdrup
Norgsveldet Teirhan Sjølkir
Nathaniel O'Fahr
Aine Caelin
Korman Drex
Igor Sauer

Durakia 107,000
Volscina 70,000
Tretrid 50,000
Norgsveldet 20,000

Together: 267,000

The Irnac War was a 2020 conflict between Vakarastan and Durakia, which also saw the involvement of several other countries.


Following the 1936 victory of the Durakan Free Republic in the Durakan Civil War, the remnants of the previous Martovist regieme had retreated to Vakarastan. As part of the the 1937 Treaty of Ostrom, which ended the Durakan Civil War, a demilitarized zone was enforced between the Durakan and the Vakari border.

On July 15, 2020, Vakari troops accompanied personnel of the Vakari Mining Company across the border near the city of Kretsburg, in contravention of the Treaty of Ostrom. After Durakan troops tried to stop the Vakari from violating the border, a skirmish occurred with a few fatalities.

Shortly after the skirmish, several nations, including Tretrid, Arkalarius, Norgsveldet, and Meagharia stated their support for Durakia, especially in the case that a war would occur.

Initial invasion

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