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The Chief Justice of Packilvania (Packilvanian: muQadim muBas aBakhilfaniya) is the head of the Supreme Court of Packilvania and the highest official of the judiciary of Packilvania. The Chief Justice is appointed by the Sultan of Packilvania. The incumbent Chief Justice is Farmahad Wasoon who was appointed by Thumim V and succeeded Prince Radeeq.


The office of the Chief Justice was created when the Constitutional Assembly of Packilvania adopted the present Constitution of Packilvania.

Duties and Powers

The Chief Justice has the following duties:

  • Advises the monarch on the appointment of the members of the Selection Committees for Justices of the Supreme, High and Religious Appeals Courts of Commission for Judicial Appointments. Monarchs rarely decline the nominations, giving the Chief Justice de facto control over the Commissions members.
  • During the coronation of the Sultan of Packilvania, the Chief Justice administers the Oath of State whereby the monarch swears to govern their realms according to their laws, uphold their respective constitutions and defend their sovereignty.
  • He is a member of the Council of State of Packilvania and participates in its activities including presenting, supporting, debating and voting on motions, and thereby influences the law of succession to the monarchy of Packilvania.

List of Chief Justices

List of Chief Justices of Packilvania
Chief Justice Tenure Appointed By Previous Position
1 Prince Radoub 4 January 1986 - 1 February 2001 Sultan Amhoud I Chairperson of the Supreme Disciplinary Committee of the Carriers of Mercy
2 Prince Radeeq 2 February 2001 - 2 January 2023 Sultan Namdun III Justice of the Supreme Court of Packilvania
3 Farmahad Wasoon 3 January 2023 - present Sultan Thumim V Judge President of the High Court of Mekedesh