Chief Justice of Packilvania

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Chief Justice of Packilvania
muQadim muBas aBakhilfaniya (Packilvanian)
Farmahad Wasoon
since January 3, 2024; 6 months ago (2024-01-03)
Supreme Court of Packilvania (luKhama luMakhnifiya aBakhilfaniya)
StyleThe Esteemed (muIhtiramtan)
AbbreviationCJP (muQababa)
SeatBingol, Packilvania
AppointerSultan of Packilvania (Shultan aBakhilfaniya)
Commission for Judicial Appointments (luKhomishayin aleTabad leQadimishme)
Term lengthAt His Imperial Majesty's Pleasure (yeluIkhdaya amuMakhnifiya muShahitishme)
Until 65 years of age
Constituting instrumentConstitution of Packilvania
FormationDecember 16, 1985; 38 years ago (1985-12-16)
First holderPrince Radoub a-Gurion Bedon
DeputyDeputy Chief Justice of Packilvania (muQadim muBas muDushtet aBakhilfaniya)
Salary1 million KRB

The Chief Justice of Packilvania (Packilvanian: muQadim muBas aBakhilfaniya) is the head of the judiciary of Packilvania and the Supreme Court of Packilvania. He is appointed by the Sultan of Packilvania until he resigns, is impeached, passes away is declared incapacitated or goes missing. The incumbent Chief Justice is Lord Farmahad Wasoon, the Marquis of Khandashtar and the first Chief Justice under the Bedonite dynasty was Prince Radoub. The Chief Justice was formed in 1985 following the end of the Second Packilvanian Civil War and the longest serving is Prince Radeeq.


The Sultan of Packilvania appoints the Chief Justice on the recommendation of the Commission of Judicial Appointments. The Commission of Judicial Appointments may recommend at least 3 and up to 5 candidates. The Sultan is not obligated to follow its advice however he may only appoint someone who is eligible to be a justice of the Supreme Court, e.g., a judge of a superior court, or a procurator, barrister or solicitor of more than 10 years or a professor of law for more than 15 years. Usually the Chief Justice does not have a term but he can only be removed for misconduct through the Commission for Judicial Discipline.

If the office of the Chief Justice becomes vacant, usually the second highest ranked justice (usually the longest serving) will automatically be the Acting Chief Justice until the Sultan appoints another. If the Chief Justice's resignation is known well in advance, the Commission for Judicial Appointments can begin the nomination process, which is usually the case especially if the judge is approaching the age of 65 which is the mandatory retirement age.

Duties and powers

The Chief Justice of Packilvania is the highest justice in Packilvania and the head of the judiciary of Packilvania. He is the highest person in the ceremonial order of precedence of Packilvania after the highest echelons of the Bedonite dynasty and the Magisterium of Paxism. As any other justice, he is immune from criminal prosecution or civil liability for actions carried out in relation to his work and official duties, and his work cannot be arbitrarily interfered with by another body of the state of private entity. Failure to comply with a valid court order issued by the Chief Justice is a criminal offence.

The Chief Justice is responsible for administering the oaths of office of the Sultan of Packilvania, and the members of the Parliament of Packilvania, the highest courts of the judiciary, and the Council of Ministers of Packilvania. He can delegate these functions to another official. He is ex officio a member of the Council of State and participates fully in decisions and discussion on succession law and related disputes.

The Chief Justice is the chairperson of the Commission on Judicial Appointments. This commission is responsible for recommending the appointment of justices to senior courts in the country. The Chief Justice advises the Sultan on the appointment of its members, and presides over its meetings.

The Chief Justice is the leader of the Supreme Court of Packilvania. This means that he is responsible for allocating justices to listen to cases, and assigning justices to chair cases. If they are the most senior judge on a case, they are responsible for assigning the judge who will write the majority opinion. They support justices, hold them accountable and resolve disputes between them.

They are accountable to the Parliament of Packilvania for the functioning of the judiciary and must answer questions from members when asked to do so. He presides over meetings of the Supreme Court justices especially when ratifying rules of procedure and protocol. They appoint the Secretary of the Court who oversees the logistics, operations and administration of the Supreme Court and work with them on matters such as the acquisition of books, renovation of buildings, allocation of offices and spaces, etc.

Former Justices

List of Chief Justices of Packilvania
Chief Justice Tenure Appointed By Previous Position
1 Prince Radoub 4 January 1986 - 1 February 2001 Sultan Amhoud I Chairperson of the Supreme Disciplinary Committee of the Carriers of Mercy
2 Prince Radeeq 2 February 2001 - 2 January 2023 Sultan Namdun III Justice of the Supreme Court of Packilvania
3 Farmahad Wasoon 3 January 2023 - present Sultan Thumim V Judge President of the High Court of Mekedesh