Namdun III

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Namdun III
Sultan of Packilvania
King of Drakkengard
Namdun III.jpg
Sultan of Packilvania and King of Drakkengard
Reign7 April 1996 to present
PredecessorAmhoud II
BornNoi Ukinden Jurin a-Amhoud Bedon
(1945-10-27) October 27, 1945 (age 77)
Bingol, Packilvania
  • HIM Sultana Mebri Bedon
  • HM Queen Hedala Bedon
  • HM Queen Barbara Bedon
  • Queen Wadisha Bedon
  • Queen Walaiala Bedon
  • Crown Prince Thumim Bedon
  • Princess Yadika Bedon
  • Prince Abuyin Bedon
  • Duchess Mawara Vaqtar
  • Duchess Tuhali Khashar
  • Duchess Ilawa Gurin
  • Princess Alatya Bedon
  • Princess Wadaile Bedon
  • Princess Ebali Bedon
  • Princess Matunima Bedon
  • Princess Ravadina Bedon
  • Marchioness Elezar Ihamid
  • Marchioness Fuwali Subayi
  • Marchioness Qasanaia Abalidam
  • Countess Haluni Bekadar
  • Countess Habaya Juberim
  • Countess Emalda Rudimo
  • Countess Roweena Tushkin
  • Countess Gereja Maduwali
FatherSultan Amhoud II
MotherSultana Gamesh Bedon
SignatureNamdun III's signature

His Imperial and Royal Majesty Sultan-King Namdun III of Packilvania and Drakkengard (born as Viscount Noi a-Amhoud Bedon to Earl Amhoud Bedon and Countess Gamesh Bedon on 27 October 1945) is the former head of Pax-Draconica and of the Bedonite dynasty. Having ascended in 1995 and being crowned in 1996 following the death of Sultan Amhoud II, he is the incumbent and longest reigning monarch of the Bedonite dynasty. He married his first wife Sultana Mebri when he was twenty after which she bore him a son, his heir Sultan Thumim V, and he is estranged from both of them due to a history of abuse. As a firm believer in the Madvinism denomination of Paxism, he practices polygamy, having 5 wives and 19 children. He is regarded as one of the worst tyrants in modern Urth. He founded the drone policy that has led to the mass indentured servitude of millions of poor Packilvanians, started the Packilvanian Expeditionary Force (a globally recognised state terror group) and fought in wars in Allegheny, 1 Infinite Loop and Yadylika. He is also regarded as one of the most powerful people in the world.

The Sultan-King has also been credited for the incredible rise of the economy of Packilvania (which has more than doubled during his tenure), the greatest increase in the military capabilities of Packilvania, lifting the most people out of absolute poverty in history and of modernising the system of government in Packilvania. He was raised in Packilvania but traveled to foreign countries during his grandfather's war, in which he eventually fought when he came of age. He is known as a ruthless, emotionless and immoral despot with a calm, elegant and poised veneer. In 2007, his government arrested Tawak Mudawaheen, Supreme Magister of the Magisterium of Paxism. He faced staunch public and international criticism that threatened his reign and his marriage with Sultana Mebri who threatened to divorce him if her father was not released.

His brothers are Prince Juber a-Amhoud, Governor of Ukanar, Prince Ludan a-Amhoud Bedon, Governor of Fidakar, Prince Harim a-Amhoud Bedon, Governor of Iganar, Prince Jibrael a-Amhoud Bedon, Governor of Mekedesh, and Prince Idesh a-Amhoud Bedon, former Chief of the Defense Staff of the Packilvanian Armed Forces.