Amhoud I

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Amhoud I
Sultan of Packilvania
Sultan Amhoud I.jpg
Sultan of Packilvania
Reign12 July 1985 to 16 March 1990
PredecessorMedayin Ishikan
SuccessorAmhoud II
BornAmhoud Hamdan Yosheva Bedon
18 May 1901
Makobar, Ukanar, Packilvania
Died16 March 1990 (68 y.o.)
SpouseSultana Anshalia
IssueSultan Amhoud II
Regnal name
Amhoud I
HouseBedonite dynasty
FatherPrince Gurion Bedon of Makobar
MotherPrincess Abdina Bedon of Makobar

Amhoud I (born Amhoud a-Gurion Bedon to Gurion and Abdina Bedon in 18 May 1901) was the Sultan of Packilvania and the King of Drakkengard from 1985 to 1990.

He was married to Anshalia in 1945, who became his Sultana. He had 5 sons. He had his eldest, Amhoud II, who succeeded him in 1946.

He joined the Packilvanian Communist Party when he was 15 years old in the Makobar branch. He also joined the Packilvanian Communist Military in 1922 when he was 20 years old. They paid for his education which included studying a Bachelors Degree in Military Sciences. He rose up the ranks of the military while also remaining a prominent member of the Party.

He founded the Carriers of Mercy in 1966. It was a volunteer organization under the Communist Party Youth League. This organization attracted over 2 million members including senior members of the party. Together they comprised a small faction that coordinated support for or against party programs and initiatives including the repatriation of humans and religious minorities to surrounding states.

As such, he was elected to the Politburo and subsequently the Politburo Standing Committee where he was responsible for Population Management. This portfolio entailed overseeing the ethnic cleansing of the human race and religious groups.

In the 1974 National Elective Conference, he lost the bid to become the General Secretary of the Party and faced persecution of the winner, who was Jeral Waladir. By that time, the party was facing challenges from within and abroad. So,mhe

He secretly used his position and influence to develop the Warriors of Mercy, a paramilitary group to stand up to the Communist Military. He also began fomenting rebellion against the Communist Party more broadly, sparking the Packilvanian Civil War in 1974. The war lasted 9 years, until in 1985, he marched into Bingol and captured the city. He was crowned in the city of Adrien at the Temple of the Restoration. He passed away in 1990 due to illness.