Armed Forces of South Hills

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The Armed Forces of South Hills
"Semper Fidelis"
Nationality South Hills
Commander in Chief President Robert Hunter
Governing Body South Hills Armed Forces Chiefs of Staff
Branches Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard
Manpower 1,123,234 (includes reserves)
Budget 380 Billion $SHD
Percentage of GDP 4.2%
Recruiting age 17 (parental permission)
Headquarters Bartlett Military Building

SHACOG boasts one of the most secure and modernized militaries in the region, Conscription is not directly enabled yet a program is in place drafting students who fail school or disobey authorites at school for military service, and as a result graduation rates around the country have risen dramatically from 88% in 1997 to 97% in 2012.

There is currently 1.1 Million men and women in the Armed Forces, of those 400,000 in the Army, 300,000 in the Navy, 300,000 in the Air Force, 50,000 in the Coast Guard, and 135,000 in the Marines.

There are also roughly 400,000 reservist or national guardsmen of various types.


Orders of Battle(Army)

Active Divisions

Infantry Divisions

  • 1st Infantry Division "First in, First out" - Rocky Run, Central
  • 2nd Infantry Division "Capitol Investment" - Elizabeth, West Miffilin
  • 3rd Infantry Division "Lucky 3rd Div." - Uriqouis, Forward
  • 5th Infantry Division "Five by Five" - Fort Reynolds, East Tano
  • 13th Mountain Division - Glassport, McKeesport
  • 29th Infantry Division (National Guard) "Sweet home Ellis" - Matthews, Ellis Islands
  • 31st Infantry Division (National Guard) "West Side Story" - McKeesport Rocks, McKeesport
  • 32nd Infantry Division (National Guard) "'Burgh Boys" - Pittsburgh, Baldwin
  • 33rd Infantry Division (National Guard) "Bethel's Division" - Dilke, Bethel Park
  • 35th Infantry Division (National Guard) "Duquesne Rangers" - Index, Duquense
  • 36th Infantry Division (National Guard) "Dead or Alive" - Clive, East Miffilin
  • 82nd Airborne Division "United Together" - Fort Kendrickson, District 58
  • 101st Airborne Division "Helljumpers" - Iritune, Babiana

Armored Divisions

  • 1st Calvary Division (Armored Cav.) "Go-Team" - Fort Reynolds, East Tano
  • 3rd Armored Division "Blood and Guts" - Rocky Run, Central

Army Equipment

Main Battle Tank

Infantry Combat Vehicles

  • ICV117 'Warthog' - 5,000
    • ICV117-1 Infantry Carrier
    • ICV117-2 Reconnasance Vehicle
    • ICV117-3 Mobile Gun System
    • ICV117-4 Mortar Carrier
    • ICV117-5 Command & Control Vehicle
    • ICV117-6 Fire Support Vehicle
    • ICV117-7 Medical Evacuation Vehicle
    • ICV117-8 ATGM Vehicle
    • ICV117-9 WMD Reconnaissance Vehicle
  • ICV79 'Forrest' - 3,500
    • ICV79-1 Infantry Carrier
    • ICV79-2 Command & Control Vehicle
    • ICV79-3 Medical Evacuation Vehicle
  • ICV100 'Trident' - 2,000
    • ICV100-1 Amphibious Assault Carrier
    • ICV100-2 Medical Evacuation Vehicle
    • ICV100-3 Command Post Vehicle
    • ICV100-4 Fire Support Vehicle (90mm gun)

Fire Support


Infantry Transport & Logistics

  • Light Mobility Multipurpose Vehicle - 170,000(est)
    • Medical Evacuation Vehicle
    • Unarmed Cargo/Troop/Air-Defense carrier
    • Up-armored Armament Carrier
    • Up-armored ATGM Carrier
    • Up-armored general purpose
    • Ground Mobility Vehicle

Air Force

Air Force ORBAT

Air Force Command

1st Fighter Wing

    • 11th Fighter Group
    • 12th Strike Group
    • 13th Fighter Group
  • 2nd Bomber Wing
    • 21st Bomber Group
    • 22nd Fighter Group
    • 23rd Bomber Group
  • 3rd Fighter Wing
    • 31st Fighter Group
    • 32nd Strike Group
    • 33rd Fighter Group
  • 4th Bomber Wing
    • 41st Bomber Group
    • 42nd Fighter Group
    • 43rd Bomber Group
  • 1st Transport Wing
    • 11th Transport Group
    • 12th Transport Group
    • 13th Transport Group
    • 14th Transport Group
    • 15th Fighter Group

Air Missile Defense Command

  • 1st Air/Missile Defense
  • 2nd Air/Missile Defense
  • 3rd Air/Missile Defense
  • 4th Air/Missile Defense
  • 5th Air/Missile Defense
  • 6th Air/Missile Defense

Air Force Equipment

This page (or section) is a work in progress by its author(s) and should not be considered final.

The primary domestic supplier of aircraft for the Concordian Air Forces is Thompson Aerospace, a subsidiary of Allegiance.

Air Superiority/Strike Fighter




The South Hills Navy is, by tonnage, among the largest on Urth. It fields 10 Aircraft Carriers, 10 landing docks (6 of which are aircraft-capable), and over 70 destroyers of various types.

Navy combat ships use the designation SHS, for South Hills Ship.

Ships in Service

 Class   Number Built   Service Life   Classification   Current Status 
Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier 3 built, 4 more planned. 2011-Present CVN, Nuclear Aircraft Carrier No plans to decommission
Forward Class Aircraft Carrier 7 Built, 2 decommissioned 1965-Present CVN, Nuclear Aircraft Carrier. Plans to decommission, replacing with Elizabeth carriers.
Madison Class Aircraft Carrier 4 Built 1954-2004 CV, Aircraft Carrier (Conventional) All decommissioned, fate remains unknown.
Baldwin Class Amphibious Assault Carrier 6 Built 1980-Present LHD, Landing Dock, Helicopter No plans to decommission.
Mckeesport Class Amphibious Transport Dock 13 Built, 4 planned 2000-Present LPD, Landing Transport Dock. No plans to decommission.
Todd McCloud Guided Missile Cruiser 17 built 1976-Present CG, Cruiser, Guided Missile. Plans to decommission, replacing with Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer
Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer 12 Built, 8 planned. 2003-Present DDH, Destroyer, Heavy. No plans to decommission.
Buena Vista Guided Missile Destroyer 65 Built 1991-Present DDG, Destroyer, Guided Missile. No plans to decommission.
Greenock Class Guided Missile Frigate 23 Built - 9 Decommissioned - 4 Active 1975-Present FFG, Frigate, Guided Missile. Replacing with Independence Class Frigate.
Independence Class Littoral Frigate 10 Built, 6 more planned. 2006-Present FFL, Frigate, Littoral. No plans to decommission.
Caek Class Attack Submarine 17 Built 1992-Present SSN, Submarine, Nuclear. No plans to decommission.
Pleasington Class Ballistic Missile Submarine 14 Built 1993-Present SSBN, Submarine, Ballistic Missile, Nuclear. No plans to decommission.
Replenishment Class Combat Oiler 8 Built 1995-Present AOT, Transport Oiler. No plans to decommission.
Logistics Class Oiler 15 Built 1988-Present AOT, Transport Oiler.

Current Naval Deployments

This list last updated 12/27/15

Approximately 24.3% of South Hills Naval Assets are currently deployed.

  • Carrier Strike Group 1 (CSG1) (Deployed - District 58)
    • SHS Elizabeth (Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier)
    • SHS McCloud (McCloud Class Cruiser)
    • SHS Tolerence (McCloud Class Cruiser)
    • SHS Buena Vista (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Knuckles (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Charlestown (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Odyssey (Greenock Class Frigate)
    • SHS Replenishment (Replenishment Class Fleet Oiler)
  • Marine Expeditionary Unit 1 (MEU1) (Attached to CSG 1)
    • SHS Baldwin (Baldwin Class Amphibious Assault Carrier)
    • SHS Mohawk (Bladwin Class Amphibious Assault Carrier)
    • SHS Glassport (McKeesport Class Amphibious Transport Dock)
    • SHS Clairton Hill (McKeesport Class Amphibious Transport Dock)
  • Carrier Strike Group 2 (CSG2) (Deployed - SHACOG)
    • SHS Pittsburgh (Forward Class Aircraft Carrier)
    • SHS Tiger Gulf (McCloud Class Cruiser)
    • SHS SayMyName (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Freedom (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Titan(Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Democracy (Greenock Class Frigate)
    • SHS Babiana (Replenishment Class Fleet Oiler)
  • Carrier Strike Group 3 (CSG3) (Deployed - SHACOG)
    • SHS East Miffilin (Forward Class Aircraft Carrier)
    • SHS McNeilly (McCloud Class Cruiser)
    • SHS Rusnak (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Samspon (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Albany (Beuna Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Bellevue (Independence Class Frigate)
    • SHS Mount Oliver (Independence Class Frigate)
    • SHS Red County (Replenishment Class Fleet Oiler)
  • Carrier Strike Group 4 (CSG4) (Deployed - Tano/Gulf of Itur)
    • SHS Enterprise (Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier)
    • SHS Gridley (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Sampson (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Alameda (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Albany (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Fox (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Glassport (Littoral Combat Frigate)
    • SHS Madison (Littoral Combat Frigate)
    • SHS Seaborne (Replenishment Class Fleet Oiler)
  • Cruiser Destroyer Squadron 1 (CruDesRon1) (Deployed - Ellis Islands)
    • SHS Grand Pacifica (McCloud Class Cruiser)
    • SHS Mt. Lebanon (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Miles Prower (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Bellevue (Greenock Class Frigate)
    • SHS Edgewood (Greenock Class Frigate)
    • SHS Ziegler (Logistics Class Oiler)
  • Cruiser Destroyer Squadron 2 (CruDesRon2) (Deployed - District 58)
    • SHS Jacksonville (McCloud Class Cruiser)
    • SHS Todd McCloud (McCloud Class Cruiser)
    • SHS Josiah Bartlet (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Titan (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Bay Area (Beuna Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Bainbridge (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Pen Hills (Beuna Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Wyatt (Logistics Class Oiler)
  • Destroyer Squadron 1 (DesRon1) (Deployed - General Duties)
    • SHS Hasley (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Sterett (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Davidson (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Huntersville (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Elizabeth City (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
  • Destroyer Squadron 2 (DesRon2) (Deployed - General Duties)
    • SHS Barney (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Dewey Cox (Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer)
    • SHS Soup (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Johnston (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)
    • SHS Kongo (Buena Vista Class Destroyer)


The second-smallest branch of the Armed Forces, the Marines are a specialized form of army, specializing in maritime based warfare.

Marines ORBAT

Marine Command

  • 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)
    • 11th Marine Infantry Brigade
    • 12th Marine Armored Brigade
    • 13th Marine Infantry Brigade
    • 1st Marine Air Wing
  • 2nd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)
    • 21st Marine Armored Brigade
    • 22nd Marine Armored Brigade
    • 23rd Marine Infantry Brigade
    • 24th Marine Military Police Brigade
  • 2nd Marine Air Wing
    • 3rd Marine Expeditionary Unit (MEU)
    • 31st Marine Armored Brigade
    • 32nd Marine Armored Brigade
    • 33rd Marine Infantry Brigade
    • 44th Marine Military Police Brigade
    • 3rd Marine Air Wing

Coast Guard

The smallest branch of the Armed Forces, the Coast Guard has federal law enforcement powers and operates search & rescue as well as anti-piracy/anti terrorism missions.

S.H Coast Guard vessels use the designation SHCGC- South Hills Coast Guard Cutter

Ships in Service (SHCG)

 Ship class   Amount built   Service   Status 
Homeland Defense Cutter 7 Built. 2001-Present No plans to decommission
Heavy Endurance Cutter 16 Built. 1989-Present No plans to decommission
Medium Endurance Cutter 21 Built. 1983-Present No plans to decommission
Elis class cutter 41 Built. 1993-Present No plans to decommission