Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer

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This article is about the S.H Navy Destroyer, for the Rear Admiral, see Miles Prower

A blueprint of a Miles Prower Heavy Destroyer.

The Miles Prower class of Guided Missile & AEGIS Ballistic Defense destroyers entered service in 2004, The Miles Prower class is up-gunned and with more missile launch and detection capabilities then its parent class, the Buena Vista Class of destroyers, Named after the lead ship of the class, Miles Prower, The ships where originally intended to be named after the lead ship, which was intended to be named Defiance, but after a successful write-in campaign by Matthews Sound residents the name was changed in honor of Rear Adm. Miles Prower.

The Miles Prower line of destroyers are replacing the McCloud Class Cruiser, which are being phased out of service.


The Miles Prower line of destroyers has the following armament;

   2 × 61 cell Mk 41 vertical launch systems containing
   122 × mix of:
       RIM-66M-5 Standard SM-2MR Block IIIB
       RIM-156A SM-2ER Block IV
       RIM-161 SM-3
       RIM-162A ESSM
       RIM-174A Standard ERAM
       BGM-109 Tomahawk
       RUM-139A VL-ASROC
   8 × RGM-84 Harpoon missiles
   2 × Mk 45 Mod 2 5-in/54-cal lightweight gun
   4 × 25 mm Mk 38 gun
   2–4 × .50 cal (12.7 mm) gun
   2 x Phalanx Block 1B


A diagram of a Miles Prower destroyer with AEGIS

All Miles Prower destroyers are equipped with AEGIS Ballistic Missile Defense systems, whereas the system is only found on Flight IIA+ Buena Vista destroyers.

AEGIS enables the line of ships to multi-task; anti-air, naval gunfire support, cruise missile interception, anti-ship activites, and even ballistic missile defense are all within the Miles Prowers line of work.


Ships in class

 Name   Number   Builder   Launched   Commissioned   Home port   Status 
Miles Prower DDH-95 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 25 June 2003 11 December 2004 Naval Base Matthews Active
Bainbridge DDH-96 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 13 November 2004 12 November 2005 Naval Base Matthews Active
Halsey DDH-97 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 9 January 2004 30 July 2005 Naval Station West Elizabeth Active
Piedmont DDH-98 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 2 October 2004 28 January 2006 Naval Base Matthews Active
Charlotte DDH-99 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 23 July 2005 10 June 2006 Naval Base Matthews Active
Josiah Bartlet DDH-100 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 22 January 2005 9 June 2007 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Gridley DDG-101 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 28 December 2005 10 February 2007 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Sampson DDH-102 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 16 September 2006 3 November 2007 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Truxtun DDH-103 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 2 June 2007 25 April 2009 Naval Base Matthews] Active
Sterett DDH-104 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 19 May 2007 9 August 2008 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Dewey Cox DDH-105 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 26 January 2008 6 March 2010 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Stockpile DDH-106 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 10 May 2008 18 April 2009 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Gravy DDH-107 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 30 March 2009 20 November 2010 Naval Base Matthews Active
Barney DDH-108 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 18 October 2008 10 October 2009 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Elmo DDH-109 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 1 August 2009 13 November 2010 Naval Base Matthews Active
Knuckles DDH-110 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 15 December 2009 4 June 2011 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Honor DDH-111 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 6 June 2010 1 October 2011 Naval Base McKeesport Active
Capital DDH-112 Matthews Sound Shipbuilding 7 May 2011 6 October 2012 Naval Station West Elizabeth Active