Thompson F-21 Bobcat

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Thompson F-21 Bobcat
General Information
Role Air Superiority, Interceptor, Multirole combat aircraft
National Origin South Hills Council of Governments
Cost $51 million/unit
Built 1,121
Produced 1982-2008
Manufacturer Thompson Aerospace
Service Status In active service with South Hills Air Force, limited service South Hills Navy.
Characteristics (F-21D Super Bobcat)
Top Speed 1,600 mph (Mach 2.38)
Ceiling 53,000 ft
Range 2,100 Nautical Miles (3,889 km)

The Thompson F-21 Bobcat is a supersonic, twin-engine, two seater swept-wing interceptor in service with the South Hills Air Force and South Hills Navy. Developing out of the 1980's Advanced Interceptor Project (AIP) to counter faster interdictors and bombers, the F-21 proved to be a extremely versatle and able aircraft.

The F-21 first flew in 1981, immediately earning commitments from both the South Hills Navy and South Hills Air Force as a viable interceptor platform with relatively extreme range, outranging and outpacing many intercontinental bombers and fighters to this day.

A modernized, slightly stealthy version of the platform became viable in the F-21D Super Bobcat in the late 1990's, with this model being produced into 2008. The platform is still in extensive service in the South Hills Air Force and slightly limited use in the South Hills Navy.


  • F-21A - The first variant of the fighter, made from 1984 to 1995. No longer in service.
  • F-21B - Updated strike fighter, still in limited server. Manufactured from 1988 to 1994.
  • F-21D - Interceptor + strike fighter. Made from 1995 to 2008, still in service.