Arcturian Accords

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Arcturian Accords
Arcturian Cooperation Accords
Typemultilateral defense and economic treaty
Signed3 May 1959 (1959-05-03)
LocationBondoc City, Sokala
Effective1 January 1960; 64 years ago (1960-01-01)
ConditionRatification by all signatory states
DepositaryGovernment of the Democratic Republic of Sokala
LanguagesStaynish, Arcturian Islander, Impelanzan, and Enchanta

The Arcturian Accords, also referred to as the Treaty of Bondoc, is the treaty that forms the legal basis of, and is implemented by, the Organization for Arcturian Cooperation (OFAC). The treaty was signed in Bondoc, Laguna on May 3, 1959, and took effect on January 1, 1960.