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Sovereign Base Area of Andomi

Flag of Andomi
Flag of Andomi
Andomi (light orange) within the Indigo Islands (light green)
Map of Andomi
LocationAndomi (light orange) within the Indigo Islands (light green)
and largest city
Ghards, Andomi Base
Official languagesStaynish
Ethnic groups
GovernmentDe facto stratocratic territory under constitutional monarchy
• Monarch
Lambertus VII
• Administrator
Bowsen Dean
• Total
117.42 km2 (45.34 sq mi)
• 2020 census
• Density
57.1/km2 (147.9/sq mi)
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe left

The Sovereign Base Area of Andomi, colloquially Andomi is a Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory within the Indigo Islands (Axdel). The areas includes a Morstaybishlian military base and installations, as well as other land and settlement.

Andomi has a large military base and installations which is collectively known as Andomi Base; it employs 5,810 people as of 2020. There are five civilian hamlets: Shardon, Syllesy, Baylidon, Tshorin and Malesgo. There is also a joint military and civilian town within Andomi Base called Ghards, which acts as the capital. Altogether, Andomi has a population of 6,705 in 2020. It is the smallest Morstaybishlian Overseas Territory at 117.42 square kilometers.

Previously a sparsely populated stopover point for merchant and fishing vessels of various empires in the Azure sea, the Morstaybishlian Empire colonised the Indigo Islands in 1633. The de facto capital quickly became Sanmona after it was granted township in 1666. With Ethalrian colonial competition and fear of loosing the islands, Admiral Lendoster established a military encampment on Andomi island in 1669 which later grew into a naval port. The island and its archipelago remained under Morstaybishlian jurisdiction until the Auroran Imperial War where it was seized by Noroist Axdel. After the war, Axdel seceded the military establishments and surrounding hamlets to Morstaybishlia in accordance with the Weyrcliff Pact, but constructed a concrete wall to separate the territory from the rest of the island still under Axdelian control. The wall was partially dismantled in 1996.