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ქვედა კ'უნძეთი (Salovian)
Grand Dominion of Wescernia
Flag of Wescernia
"Streven als één, of vallen alleen" (Vistarian)
(Codexian: "Strive as one, or fall alone")
Anthem: "Duizend stemmen"
("A Thousand Voices")
Sovereign state Vistaraland
Salovian colony1731
K'undzeti Purchase by Vistaraland20 June 1841
Arendstad Act28 November 1901
West Cerenerian Act of Union26 October 1910
Accession to the Confederation24 December 2020
and largest city
Official languages
Ethnic groups
By species:
  • 41.3% Human
  • 26.1% Elf
  • 18.9% Symph
  • 11.7% Orc
  • 0.7% Feline
  • 1.3% Other
By ethnicity:
  • 29.3% Vistarian
  • 28.8% K'undzetian
  • 23.5% Salovian
  • 10.4% Zetian
  • 4.2% Other Auroran
  • 2.1% Draakener-Wescernic
  • 1.7% Other
Demonym(s)Wescernican, Wescerenerian
GovernmentDevolved parliamentary legislature within parliamentary constitutional elective monarchy
• Queen
Marium I
• Lord Minister
Levan Dekker (BUP)
LegislatureWescernic Senate
National representation
• Lord-Advisors
Akaki Hakket (BLP)
Marijke Vahl (CAP)
Sander Costede (KCP)
Loes Reiners (BUP)
48 Representative-Advisors
• 2022 estimate
GDP (nominal)2022 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
CurrencyVistari Gildemerk, United Krone
Time zoneUTC±0 (Imperial Standard Time)
Driving sideright

Wescernia (Salovian: Kveda K'undzeti), formally the Grand Dominion of Wescernia or the Grand Dominion of the Vistari West Cerenerian, is a constituent country of the Imperial Vistari Confederation located in Eastern Aurora. Comprising of the provinces of Zuid-K'undzeti and the Peper Isles, Wescernia shares a substantive border with the nation of K'undzeti - a former part of Wescernia under the Vistari West Cerenerian Dominions. Due to this special circumstance, K'undzeti is often called Noord-K'undzeti in the country in order to differentiate it from the island both entities share.

As well as sharing the island of K'undzeti, Wescernia and K'undzeti have a shared history of Salovian colonization during the 18th Century, before later being sold to the Vistari Colonial Company in the K'undzeti Purchase.

Due to powers granted to the territory in the Vistari Constitution of 2020 in granting country status, Wescernia chose to become a signatory of the Oceanic Triad Agreement, allowing Wescernia to further integrate itself with its neighbour and the Norgsveltian Crown State of Vakrestrender.