K'undzeti Purchase

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Territorial Exchange of K'undzeti
შეიძინეთ კ'უნძეთი
sheidzinet k’undzeti
Land Purchase of Vistaraland from Salovia

Map of K'undzeti and Peper Colony, according to the Agreement
• Established
June 20th, 1841
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Vistari West Cerenerian Colonies
Today part of Wescernia

The K'undzeti Purchase was the acquisition of the island territory of K'undzeti, as well as recognition of the Vistari Outpost in Peper Colony, by the Vistari Colonial Company from Salovia in 1841. In return for 44 million Merk ($587 million in 2020 SHD), or approximately 6,393 Merk ($85,155) per square kilometre.