Jeremy Hill

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Jeremy Hill
File:Jeremy Hills Bursil F.C. Owner.jpg
Name Jeremy Blackroy Hill
Residence Laiaton, Bursil district, Sani Bursil
Citizenship Emberwood Coast 1966 - Present
Staynes 1982 - Present
Occupation Businessman, entrepreneur
Known for Owner of Vendaz
Owner of Bursil F.C.
Net worth Increase ♅11.6 billion (January 2017)
Born 24 October 1966
Spouse(s) Nika Jeviek (m. 1994 - 2004)
Jescka Embel (m. 2006 - 2011)
Florence Fianski (m. 2014 - present)
Children 11 (5 with Jeviek: 3 with Embel and 3 with Fianski)

Jeremy Blackroy Hill (born 24 October 1966) is a Embertian-Staynish billionaire businessman and investor that lives in Laiaton, a town in the Bursil district of Sani Bursil. Hill is best known outside Emberwood Coast as the owner of Bursil Football Club, a Staynish Premier League football club. He is also the Owner of Vendaz.