Valeria (Middle Ages)

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Kingdom of Valeria

StatusUnified Valerian city states (before 701)
Kingdom of Valeria (701-1216)
North: Annexed by Staynes (after 1216)
South: Kingdom of Valeria (after 1216)
CapitalWestern: Aegis
Eastern: Valeron
Common languagesOld Valeric (later Old Staynic)
• Established
• Annexed by Kingdom of Staynes
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Valeria (ancient)
Kingdom of Staynes
Today part ofGreat Morstaybishlia

The Kingdom of Valeria was a medieval kingdom in what makes up South Staynes that existed from the 7th through to 13th century. It was a dominion of elf and man, and which began as a union of Valerian city states and later a kingdom which was nearly as large as its modern counterpart. At the end of the 9th century Valeria took over many of the princedoms that made up South Ethalria in the subsequent Ethalried Empire collapse vacuum. The nation was later itself conquered by the Kingdom of Staynes in two successive waves; one in 1216 where Valeria lost its western capital Aegis and one in 1256 where Valeron was conquered. Valeria was formed into Staynish territory except for the southern coast broken countries that its successor kingdom has no interest in, this later formed into Valerica and Rosalica.