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Ny’Tewien Island
Ny’Tewien (Nys'tat'en)
Terwenia (Vistarian)
Teweyj (Eyjarian)
Terwanja (Vorpestian)
Largest villageBridgsby
 • TypeIn dispute between Terwenia, Eyjaria and the Ny’Tewien Crown Land
 • Body
 • Baroness of TerweniaMarium I
 • Terwener HeemraadIndri Weijers
 • Mayor of TeweyjTjørn Elksøn
 • Royal Protector of Ny’TewienJørgen Bjørn
 • Total14,343

Ny’Tewien Island (Vistarian: Terwenia, Eyjarian: Teweyj, Vorpestian: Terwanja) is an island in disputed waters to the West of Borea, and the second largest of the Tewien Islands. The island is split into three distinct de facto sovereign areas, with Vistaraland, Eyjaria and Norgsveldet each having claims on the island in its entirety.

The Vistari-controlled area of the island, officially the Unincorporated Territory of Terwenia primarily occupies coastal regions in the southwest centred in the village of Leistoren. Vistari colonization of the island began in the late 16th Century under the Vistari Colonial Company in order to extract the island's considerable slate deposits, however active protection and administration of the island was reduced heavily throughout the next two centuries. Despite this, believing they still had unopposed claim to the island, Vistaraland included it as a dependency of Vorpest in 1929, and assert the Act which did so as a reaffirmation of Vistari ownership of the island. Since 1985, the territory has been governed by the Terwener General Council, headed by the island's Heemraad (literally 'home-advisor'), a position which has been held by Indri Weijers since 2013. In the same year as the Council was estbalished, the territory became the only one of the three to host a formal military location, being the small Leistoren Coastal Garrison - which has stationed a flotilla of patrol boats, as well as a number of security personnel.