Second Barvata ministry

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Second Barvata ministry
Second cab barv.png
Barvata in 2021
Date formed1 April 2021 (2021-04-01)
People and organisations
MonarchLambertus VII
Prime MinisterFranklin Barvata
First SecretaryRiannar Karmer
Member party
  •   Labour Party
Status in legislatureMinority
863 / 1,794
Opposition cabinetWardola Shadow Cabinet
Opposition parties
Opposition leader
Election(s)2021 general election
PredecessorFirst Barvata ministry

The second Barvata ministry was formed following Labour retaining a minority in the 2021 general election. Franklin Barvata was invited by King Lambertus VII to form a new administration.


2021 to present

The first Barvata ministry began with a minority government of 863 seats. Barvata made five changes in the beginning of his second ministry, replacing Samminel Doros with Arlin Klements, Lonnie Rosenward with Ashryn Laberos, Robert Lannet with Florence Wills, Ghenner Yarmer with Ghenner Asterleigh and Fredmund Constantine with Kellie Fross. He moved Florence Wills from the Department for Education to the Department of Health and Social Care, replacing her Secretary of State for Education position with the then Minister of School Standards Katharyn Alvoret. Barvata filled the Secretary of State for South Staynes vacancy with the former officeholder Nellie Hermin as apart of their special election agreement.

The promotion of Ashryn Laberos as Secretary of State for Justice and Lord Chancellor marks the first ever Usprian elf to the Cabinet of Morstaybishlia.


April 2021 - present

Portrait Minister Portfolio Term
Great Offices of State
Matteo Renzi 2016 crop.jpeg
Franklin Barvata
Prime Minister of Great Morstaybishlia
First Lord of the Treasury
Minister for the Civil Service
Riannar Karmer.jpg
Riannar Karmer
First Secretary of State
Arlin Klements portrait.jpg
Arlin Klements
Chancellor of the Exchequer
Horace Lanx new.png
Horace Lanx
Secretary of State
for the Home Department
Vellin Rinardel wiki portrait.jpg
Vellin Rinardel
Other cabinet ministers
Stephanie Goziro cropped.png
Stephanie Goziro
Minister for the Cabinet Office
Ron Wehrasbi small.png
Ron Wehrasbi
Secretary of State
for Foreign and Overseas Territory Affairs
Mikhail Sankuda.png
Mikhail Sankuda
Secretary of State
for Defence
Vadim Krasnoselsky official photo 1.jpg
Andrew Chemlin
Ashryn Laberos.png
Ashryn Laberos
Lord Chancellor
Secretary of State
for Justice
Florence Wills.png
Florence Wills
Secretary of State
for Health and Social Care
Carrolan Benzin.png
Carrolan Benzin
Secretary of State
for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy
Douglas Leovar new.png
Douglas Leovar
Secretary of State
for International Trade
President of the Board of Trade
MBE Export Finance
Jemima Rainhart.png
Jemima Rainhart
Secretary of State
for Work and Pensions
Katharyn Alvoret.png
Katharyn Alvoret
Secretary of State
for Education
Daniel Blaikie.jpg
Ghenner Asterleigh
Secretary of State
for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs
Benjarn Marble.jpg
Benjarn Marble
Secretary of State
for Housing, Communities and Local Government
Anne Faete2.png
Anne Faete
Secretary of State
for Transport
Official portrait of Baroness Primarolo crop 2.jpg
Mary Calthia
Secretary of State
for International Development
Minister for Women and Equalities
Jody Wilson-Raybould (cropped).jpg
Kellie Fross
Secretary of State
for Caltharus
Nellie Hermin.png
Nellie Hermin
Secretary of State
for Valeria
Official portrait of Lord Boateng, 2020.jpg
Pevance Sfiso Kind
Secretary of State
for Justelvard
Official portrait of Lord Davidson of Glen Clova crop 2, 2019.jpg
Arthur Peater
Leader of the House of Peers
Lord Privy Seal
Ann Keen.jpg
Susie Melton
Secretary of State
for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport


  • On 21 July 2021, Horace Lanx was removed as Home Secretary and replaced by Vellin Rinardel following confirmation he had breached the ministerial code in the Lanx sex scandal.