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Khadgar during the Auroran Imperial War
TypeMain battle tank
Place of originMorstaybishlian Empire
Service history
In service1964–2002 (Morstaybishlian Army)
Used by Great Morstaybishlia
See Operators
WarsAuroran Imperial War
Great Malavian War
Production history
Number builtOver 16,000
Weight36 t
Length9.48 m (gun forward)
Width3.1 m
Height2.28 m
Crew4 (commander, gunner, loader, driver)

Armor80 mm
105 mm Modèle F1 tank gun
1× 20 mm F2 autocannon
1× 7.62 mm NF1 machine gun
EngineHispano-Suiza HS-110 multi-fuel
680 hp - 720 hp
Power/weight18.9 hp/tonne
SuspensionTorsion bar with shock absorbers
600 km
Speed65 mph

Khadgar is a first generation main battle tank designed by Ferrus Industries and delivered to the Morstaybishlian army in 1964 and used by the Morstaybishlian Empire until 2002 where it was fully phased out by the Colonarius mk1. It saw extensive use in the Auroran Imperial War and the Great Malavian War.


Current Operators

Lapimuhyo: 1,500 Khadgar-B2 units were ordered in 1970. As of 2020, 700 are in service.

Lokania: 250 Khadgar-B2 units were ordered in 1976 and an additional 150 were ordered in 1980. As of 2020, 225 are in service alongside 512 Colonarius mk1's.

North Lyrevale: 260 Khadgar-B2 units were ordered in 1985. 104 not destroyed in fighting were captured by Noroist Axdel during the Lyrevale Continuation War. Several models are displayed in museums and some are used for spare parts but otherwise all other models scrapped.

New Leganes: In 1982, New Leganes ordered 25 Khadgar-B2s. As of 2020, 15 units are in service.

Rijelv: 2,500 Khadgar-B2s were ordered from 1970 to 1971. As of 2020, 750 in service.

 Tavaris: 1,500 Khadgar-B2s were ordered from 1970 to 1978. As of 2020, 250 remain in service.

Former Operators

Great Morstaybishlia