Colonarius mk1

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Colonarius mk1
Colonarius mk1
TypeMain battle tank
Place of originMorstaybishlian Empire
Service history
In servicemk1: 1985–present
mk1E1: 2010–present
mkA1: 2001–present
mkA2: 2012–present
Used by Great Morstaybishlia
WarsLyrevale Civil War
Auroran-Pacific War
Production history
DesignerFerrus Industries
ManufacturerFerrus Industries
Producedmk1: 1985–1998
mk1E1: 2009–present
mk1A1: 1999–2010
mk1A2: 2011–present
Number builtmk1/E1: 10,521
mk1A1/A2: 2,750
Weightmk1: 51.1 metric tons (56.3 short tons)
mk1A1: 53.2 metric tons
Lengthmk1: 9.67 m
mk1A1: 9.71 m
Width3.60 m
Height2.25 m
Crew4 (commander, gunner, loader and driver)

ArmorSpecial Armour Plate (SAP)
Korean Special Armour Plate (KSAP)
mk1: KM68A1 105 mm (47 rounds)
mk1A1: KM256 120mm (32 rounds)
12.7 mm K6 HMG on right pintle mount for commander
7.62 mm M60D on left pintle mount for loader
7.62 mm M60E2-1 on coaxial mount
Engine8-cyl. water-cooled diesel MTU 871 Ka-501
1200 hp (890 kW) at 2600 rpm
Power/weightK1: 23.4 hp/ton
K1A1: 22.0 hp/ton
TransmissionZF LSG 3000 (four forward, two reverse)
SuspensionHydropneumatic at front and rear, torsion bar at middle of the chassis
500 km
Speed65 km/h (road)
40 km/h (cross country)

The Colonarius Mk1 was the main battle tank used by the Morstaybishlian Empire from 1984 until 2012 where it was replaced by the Colonarius mk2. It succeeded the Khadgar model used in the Auroran Imperial War. The Mk1 is still widely used by the Royal Armed Forces of the Empire, although they are expected to be fully phased out by 2025.


Current Operators

Great Morstaybishlia

Lapimuhyo: 900 Colonarius mk1A1 units were ordered in 1992. As of 2020, 800 are in service.

Lokania: 350 Colonarius mk1A1 units were ordered in 1991 and an additional 200 were ordered in 2004. As of 2020, 512 Colonarius mk1's are in service alongside 225 Khadgar B2s.

Rijelv: 1,600 Colonarius mk1A1 were ordered from 1989. As of 2020, 1,500 are in service.

Sokala: 300 mk1A1 units were ordered in 1993 and were used against rebels in the The Sokalan Communist Rebellion.

 Tavaris: 1000 units were ordered between 1988 and 1993 and remain in service.