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This page or section is not canon and should not be considered part of current TEP Evolved RP.
The Republic of Xagrurg

Flag of Xagrurg
Flag of Xagrurg
Motto: "Forever Free"
Anthem: "Xagruriana Rules The Land"
and largest city
Official languages(by first language)
Ethnic groups
(2016 Estimate)
99.3% Human
  • 60.5% Xagrurianani
  • 20% Staynish
  • 8% Caltharusian
  • 5% Kostorian
  • 4% Obertonian
  • 2.2% Other
  • 0.3% Other Species
Demonym(s)Xagrurian, Xagrurians, Xagruriani
GovernmentBicameral Parliamentry Republic
• President
James Deref
House of Governors
House of Senators
• Total
3,196,822 km2 (1,234,300 sq mi)
• 2018 estimate
• 2010 census
• Density
93.89/km2 (243.2/sq mi)
GDP (nominal)2018 estimate
• Total
• Per capita
Gini (2016)21.3
SDI (2016)0.799
CurrencyKirib ()
Date formatDD/MM/YYYY
Driving sidethe right
ISO 3166 codeXAR
Internet TLD.xar

The Federal Republic of Xagrurg is also known as FROX, is located on the continent of Aurora. The Federal Republic of Xagrug is a social democracy with a senate running the affairs of the nation. The civilization of Xagrurg is estimated to be around 2,000 years old. The capital city of Xagrurg is Imperium, which is where the Xagrurgian Senate is housed along with the political center in the nation. Xagrurg was formerly a member of the Aurora Contiental Assembly, now the United Nations of the Auroran Continent. The ecology of Xagrurg is diverse, resulting in having boreal forests to dense rainforests. There are many national parks funded by the government and the highest point in Xagrurg is Mt. Democracy in the Laonan Mountain Range which is 300 meters above sea level. Emerging around the start of the first millennia, the Republic of Xagrug is a world leader in education and industrial output. The Republic of Xagrurg has universal healthcare and free college education. The current GDP of the Republic of Xagrurg is 3 trillion Xagrurgian Kirib. The income per capita is around $25,000. Private enterprise is allowed albeit regulated and the media is protected by the right to free speech. The Republic of Xagrurg is considered to be around a post-current state technology wise. The current population of Xagrurg is 121 million people. The Kingdom of Staynes borders Xagrurg in the north, South Staynes in the west, MMH to the southwest, Kostoria-Obertonia (now The Zone) to the southeast, and Ethalria (who is now split in 4) to the east.


The Xagrurgian culture, along with Ethalrian culture, developed within the central Auroran forest, separated from much of the rest of the continent. The first known Xagrurgian artifacts can be found north of the capital Imperium, with many ruins dotting the nation. Genetically, Ethalrians and Xagrurgians are nearly identical, stemming from a Western Auroran ancestor along with the culture groups found in the former Morstaybishlian Empire. Nonetheless, the Ethalrians and Xagrurgians have been in some sort of feud for centuries, with the Auroran Imperial War being the breaking point for the two groups. After the war, Xagrurg and Ethalria gradually made up, and joined the Auroran Continental Assembly soon after official peace treaties were signed. As of 2018, Xagrurg is economically and militarily more powerful than the former Ethalrian nations combined and the fourth largest economy on Aurora.

Ancient Xagrurg

The first inhabitants of what would become Xagrurg developed in the central Auroran forest that makes up the northern half of modern-day Xagrurg. They, along with Ethalrians, developed separately, yet their cultures never mixed. Sometime in its early history, a conflict arose between the two cultures that would result in centuries of feuds between the two. The history of Xagrurg is extremely interntwined with Ethalria, with the two nations vying for control of the territory both Xagrugians and Ethalrians inhabited, those territories being very culturally heterogeneous. Xagrurg itself was initially established in 1 AD by Wright Kennedy, who would go on to become the first monarch of Xagrurg, Kennedy having won a major battle for Xagrurg against Ethalria in 13 BC.

Major Conflicts and Battles Involving Xagrurg

  • Battle of North Imperium (631 AD)
  • The Rivendale War (821-943 AD)
  • First Siege on Fort Washington (1014 AD)
  • Laona-Avenai War (1183-1186 AD)
  • First Ethal-Xagrurg War (1347-1354 AD)
  • Fourth Siege on Avenai (1462-1464 AD)
  • Third Siege on Fort Washington (1563-1567 AD)
  • Second Ethal-Xagrurg War (1609-1615 AD)
  • Fourth Battle of West Rivendale (1673-1678)
  • First Siege on Imperium (1731-1734 AD)
  • Last Siege on Fort Washington (1784-1788 AD)
  • Auroran Imperial War (1970-1975 AD)
  • Assowolfian Intervention (1989-1993 AD)
  • Auroran-Pacific War (2017-2017 AD)

Modern Xagrurg

Rise to Power

With the economic decline of Ethalria came an opportunity for Xagrurg to prosper. By 1806, The Xagrurgian Empire was a fully-fledged nation, completely free from Ethalrian threats. However though, what came to rock Xagrurg down to its roots, was the demand for a Republic and more freedoms by the people after the successful pacifist independence movement in Assowolf, their former colony. With no choice, Xagrurg became the Federal Republic of Xagrurg, now a proper constitutional republic, but the monarchy still had a notable cultural influence in Xagrurg nevertheless. The economy of Xagrurg surged in the early 1800's, with Ethalria lagging behind by the 1900's.

The Rise And Fall Of The South Auroran Union

In an attempt to improve both Xagrurg and Kostoria-Obertonia, the governments of Xagrurg and Kostoria-Obertonia unified into The South Auroran Union. This union would exist until 1927, when a rise in nationalism in both nations caused the union to dissolve.

The Triple Entente

In 1930, the Collective Defense Bloc (named The Triple Entente) was formed between the Morstaybishlian Empire, The Republic of Xagrurg, and Kostoria-Obertonia in an effort to stave off Ethalrian threats and attacks. This defensive alliance was established as a deterrent to discourage Ethalria from invading any of the member nations as all member nations would have to declare war on the Ethalrian Empire, should Ethalria attempt to invade. The defensive pact clause was invoked in the outbreak of the Aurora Imperial War.

The Great Depression

When the stock market crashed in 1927, all of the economies in Aurora faltered. Presidents Henry Lee and Eruich Pazer enacted multiple construction projects to get the economy running again in Xagrurg. The efforts of Lee and Pazer worked, and by 1950, the economy of Xagrurg had surpassed its pre-Depression economic levels.

Xagrurg's Involvement In The AIW

When The Auroran Imperial War broke out, the Ethalrian-Xagrurgian DMZ was assaulted by Ethalrian forces but took major casualties. As a result of this attack, the Xagrurgian military mobilized along with the national guard to fight a fierce resistance against the Ethalrian invaders, Xagrurgian civilians firing on Ethalrian troops with automatic firearms. The fighting between Xagrurg and Ethalria lasted from January 17, 1970 to July 23, 1975 when the Auroran Imperial War ended with the peace accords and Xagrurg demanding harsh war reparations on Ethalria.

First Half of 2017

At this point of time, the Republic of Xagrurg was an economic and scientific powerhouse, its tech being considered Post-Current. However, political divides are happening in the nation between the Social Democrats and the Isolationist Conservatives, in Parliament, it was often a yelling match between representatives of both parties. In the 2017 election however, the Social Democrats Party won 3/4 of the seats in Parliament and the Isolationist Conservatives are now a minority party. The space program was currently maintaining a medium-sized research space station and sent satellites into Urth's orbit and out to explore the solar system.

The 2017 Great Riots of Xagrurg

On April 28, 2017 at Eidenburgh's port district, a dispute between a dock worker and his boss exploded into a massive fight which then became a massive riot. That riot then spread to other cities resulting in the entire nation to be in chaos and declaring a state of emergency. After the national guard put down the riots, there were hundreds of thousands of casualties and billions of Kiribs worth of damage. The Department of Government Oversight investigated into the Isolationist Conservatives Party for their involvement in the riots and discovered the major officials in the party helped spark the riots in an effort to topple the ruling Social Democrats Party. Instead, the Isolationist Conservatives Party was purged and disbanded due to treason against the state.

The Counterculture Movement

In response to President Bob Jones's decision, people created and supported the Xagrurgian States United Party to kick the ruling SDP in office.

Auroran-Pacific War

In June 2017, President Bob Jones received information of the Yor Isles’s government (then under control of a fascist dictatorship after a rebellion in the early 2000’s) that they boarded and seized several Xagrurgian citizens as hostage. After a decade of tensions, the Yor Isles’s navy proceeded to further provoke Xagrurg, attacking all Xagrurgian vessels that approached near their islands. This triggered outrage across Xagrurg, many calling for war. And so it did, Xagrurg launching troops, air strikes, and the navy into the area. Unfortunately for Xagrurg, the Auroran Continental Assembly condemned the invasion, calling for a ceasefire. The war continued on for several weeks until the islands were brought under Xagrurgian control, with a Xagrurgian victory. The ACA further condemned Xagrurg, launching sanctions and diplomatic protests.

However, this all backfired when a military coup, led by Erwin Pipua and several other military commanders, took over a huge percentage of the armed forces and seized mass portions of Xagrurg, forcing the Democratic Xagrurgian government to retreat to Yor with their military equipment and WMDs. The Battle of Eidenburgh was a major battle fought in the early stages of the war, a contentious point as it was the location of the forces where they were evacuating from.

James Deref Presidency


Xagrurg has an all-around climate and temperatures ranging from 60-100 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year. Rain is common in Xagrurg resulting in ideal conditions for farming. In spring, the average temperature is around 70 degrees Farenheight. In summer, the average temperature is around 80 degrees Farenheight. In the fall, it is around 70 degrees Farenheight again. In the winter, the temperature goes below 60 or so degrees.


The Republic of Xagrurg is a multi-party republic where representatives of all political parties gather in Parliament to discuss legislation. Political parties cannot be outlawed and corruption and election rigging is not tolerated. There are 150 states in the Republic of Xagrurg. Currently, the Social Democrat party is in office of the presidency. The main political parties with a majority in Parliament are the Social Democrats, Isolationist Conservatives, and the Globalist Pacifists. There are 150 seats in the Lower House and 50 seats in the Upper House. The Lower House is comprised of the states' senators and the Upper House is comprised of regional governors elected by the senators. There are three branches of government: the Executive Branch, Judicial Branch, and Legislative Branch. The government is officially secular. The departments that make up the government are the Federal Investigation Bureau, Department of Education, Department of Internal Affairs, Department of Foreign Affairs, National Intelligence Agency, Department of Infrastructure, the Department of Judicidal Conduct, the Department of Government Oversight, and the Xagrurg National Reserve.

  • Department of Education

The Department of Education is responsible for dictating where the funds of the education budget goes, the education curriculum, and administering state exams in public schools.

  • Department of Internal Affairs

The Department of Internal Affairs is responsible for managing the domestic events that occur within the nation of Xagrurg and doing administrative duties.

  • Department of Foreign Affairs

The Department of Foreign Affairs is responsible for managing the external affairs that occur outside the nation of Xagrurg and doing diplomatic duties.

  • National Intelligence Agency

The National Intelligence Agency is responsible for defending Xagrurg state secrets, cybersecurity, cyberwarfare, and deploying Xagrurgian spies worldwide.

  • Federal Investigation Bureau

The F.I.B is tasked to investigate crimes on a federal level.

  • Department of Infrastructure

The Department of Infrastructure is responsible for managing the maintenance of public transport and roadwork in Xagrurg.

  • Department of Judicial Conduct

The Department of Judicial Conduct prosecutes suspected guilty parties and enforces the laws.

  • Department of Government Oversight

The Department of Government Oversight investigates potential corruption within the government of Xagrurg and reports corrupt officials to the Department of Judicial Conduct where they are tried.

  • Xagrurg National Reserve

The Xagrurg National Reserve hands out loans to national and international organizations, manages the debt and inflation of Xagrurg, and prints out the currency of Xagrurgian Kirib.


Crime is almost nonexistent in the nation of Xagrurg due to a well-funded police force, social welfare policies, effective judicial system, and a content populace. In addition, criminals are scared of being shot to death by citizens armed with fully-automatic assault rifles as gun laws are lax.

Law Enforcment

There are three branches of law enforcement in Xagrurg. There is the local branch, state branch, and the federal branch. The local police are only armed with batons and a neutered variant of the Bolt M1900 pistol and Uber and Lock P70. The local branch pursues crimes within cities of Xagrurg. The state police are armed with upgraded PAK assault rifles and Bolt M1900s. The state branch pursues crimes within their respective states and their governments. The federal police are armed with HN M500 assault rifles and military Bolt M1900s. The federal police report directly to the Department of Judicial Conduct, Department of Department of Government Oversight, and the National Intelligence Agency.

Foreign Relations

Xagrurg has established embassies, trade agreements, diplomatic recognition, and nonagression pacts with the nations of Kostoria-Obertonia, Kingdom of Asendavia, The Holy Empire of Gliat Shea, The Holy Empire of Gliat Shea, Royal Republic of Furnifold, The Royal Federation of Kuthernburg & Her Royal Commonwealth of Latianburg, and the Imperial Iassathi Republic of Kaeliv and is in the Aurora Contiental Assembly and the World Assembly. The Republic of Xagrurg has also purchased and commissioned ships from the nation of Free Syllvin and Kuthernburg. The Republic of Xagrurg is a founding member of the PK-FU and is spending $25 million to build the PK-FU headquarters in Furnifold. The Republic of Xagrurg is contributing 1 billion Xagrurgian Kirib yearly to the PK-FU. The PeaceKeeping Forces of Urth, aka PK-FU, is an international organization dedicated to saving civilian lives, improving quality of life in impoverished/war-torn nations, and protecting the process of peace accords.[[1]]


The Republic of Xagrurg uses a single-payer universal healthcare system (known as the Xagrurgian Healthcare System) so everyone has access to high-quality medical care. 1.5% of the GDP budget goes towards maintaining the XHS and researching cures and vaccines of all sorts of diseases. The government publicly funds STEM-cell research centers and major hospitals are widespread across Xagrurg. The Federal Civil Emergency Service (FCES) is responsible for disease research, cure, prevention, and civil crisis emergency management.


Infantry Weapons Land Vehicles Aircraft Naval Vessels
HN 500 Assault Rifle Panther MBT (phased out in favor of Warrior) P-1560 Attack Helicopter
Bolt M1900 M9 Frog IFV F-45B Fighter (replaced by FU-36 Fighter)
FMJ Spear U98 Anti-Aircraft Battery Vehicle UO-09 Transport Helicopter
U120 Sniper Rifle Liberty Anti-Air Missile System PN-230 Transport Plane
M20 Launcher POW-1900 Artillery Vehicle SH-61 Attack Helicopter
M62B7 Machine Gun Fighter-09P APC F-20 Advanced Super Wasp Fighter
PAK Assault Rifle HIGHPEAK Radar Array Vehicle FU-36 Air Hawk Fighter
GG A2A1 Assault Rifle M4 IFV
HG2 Submachine Gun Warrior MBT
P70 Sniper Rifle
MOG Assault Rifle
SPLAT Shotgun
PAS-37 Bolt-Action Rifle (mostly replaced)(used as sniper rifles)
PAS-48 Semi-Automatic Rifle (mostly replaced)(used in reserve battalions

The Armed Forces of Xagrurg is well funded with a budget taking up 4.5% of Xagrurg's GDP. The Army is equipped with the latest tanks the arms industry has to offer with 650 General Guns Warrior MBTs [[2]], 175 General Guns M9 Frog [[3]],100 Rhinemetal U98s[[4]] 75 Liberty Anti-Air Systems[[5]], 150 POW-9000 Artillery Guns[[6]], 150 General Guns Fighter 09Ps[[7]], 50 Elite Firearms P-1560 Attack Helicopters[[8]], 100 General Guns HIGHPEAK Radar Array Vehicle [[9]], and 190 M4 Roar infantry fighting vehicles [[10]]. All Warrior MBTs are planned to be overhauled to the “White Knight Standard” by 2023-2024, which includes a new-build turret with a fully digital electronic architecture, a Thales Orion panoramic day and night sight for the commander, and a Thales DGNS T3 day and night sight for the gunner. The turret architecture also will include an active protection system or counter-improvised explosive device (IED) electronic warfare system to be fitted in future if the user were to require it. The “White Knight” standard additionally includes being fitted with day and night driving cameras and its toe plate up-armored. Furthermore, all M9 Frog APCs will be upgraded to the “SuperFrog” standard by 2024-2025, which includes a crew of three with 11 embarked soldiers, being configured for 13 seats, having the ability to launch and recover from a well deck, and being able to integrate an unmanned turret with a heavy cannon. General Guns’s new H-Drive System also provides power to individual wheels, simulating a tracked vehicle, so it can continue operating if any wheels are damaged or blown off and has better mobility in soft soil or sand. Since the H-Drive System eliminates axles through use of a string of three shafts on each side, a V-shaped hull is able to be used for blast protection, and the floor is also not connected to the hull, instead bolting onto the bottom of the seats, creating less headroom for occupants but absorbing more energy from an underbody blast. Space in the interior is taken up by pipes, wires, and things needed to make systems run, but that is because the space behind the seats is reserved for Marines' gear. Fuel tanks are external for passenger protection and the SuperFrog doesn't expel black smoke upon engine start and has a quietly running engine. The SuperFrog uses a 690 hp engine to propel the vehicle at 6 knots (6.9 mph; 11 km/h) in water and on land at up to 65 mph (105 km/h); reserve buoyancy is 21 percent. It weighs 31.5 tons (63,000 lb (29,000 kg)) with a 6,000 lb (2,700 kg) payload capacity, and has a range of 10 nmi (12 mi; 19 km) at sea followed by 200 mi (320 km) on land, or 350 mi (560 km) entirely on land. With recent efforts to modernize the Xagrurgian armed forces, cruise missile technology would be looked into as well. The 1980s-era GLCM-S Platform, designed to launch nuclear-tipped cruise missiles with 65 of these built but were withdrawn in late 1990s as part of a review regarding nuclear strategy and subsequently put into storage, would be once more reactivated and put into service, though would undergo brief modernization to its electronic and mechanical systems and to allow the platform to also mount a variant of the upcoming 300kt nuclear-tipped cruise missile optionally, delaying its reentry into service to early-2020.[[11]]

Air Force

The Air Force is equipped with 105 General Guns FU-36 Air Hawk air superiority fighter [[12]], (originally from Bering/KAe) 85 General Guns F-20 Advanced Super Wasp multi-role fighter[[13]], 100 UO-09 Transport Helicopter[[14]], 50 General Guns PN-230 transport plane[[15]], 10 SH-61 Seakhawks[[16]], 10 U2 Warhawk attack helicopters[[17]], 50 UP-50 multi-purpose helicopters[[18]], 15 U1 Hump attack helicotpers[[19]], 30 P-1 UAVs[[20]], 35 D-222 strategic bombers[[21]]. The infantry forces are equipped with the HN M500 assault rifle [[22]], the Bolt M1900 [[23]], the Pesom U120 [[24]], the FMJ Spear[[25]], and the M62B7 machine gun [[26]]. The Syllvan State Arms FM-12 assault rifle is being tested against the current service rifle of Xagrurg infantry.


The navy is equipped with 15 Freedom-class destroyers[[27]], 1 Ballas-class fuel tanker from Free Syllvin [[28]], and 3 diesel-electric submarines[[29]]. However, the navy has procured 2 Trek-class supercarriers[[30]], commissioned in 2002 by General Guns and entered service in April 30, 2017 and another one is planned to enter service in January 2023, 3 Geater-class submarines commissioned in Free Syllvin from 2014 that now entered service in 2017, modified to have nuclear reactors [[31]], 1 Hurricane-class nuclear ballistic missile submarine[[32]], 1 Ball-class submarine [[33]] and 4 Borey-class submarines [[34]] from Kuthernburg to bolster the fleet and replace the primitive diesel submarines currently in service. The Department of Defense has commissioned 5 Handsen-class nuclear attack submarines[[35]] to enter service by 2020. Formerly, the Xagrurgian Navy was equipped with 4 Chancau-class aircraft carriers, entering into service after 1960 and the last of the carriers retiring and decommissioned in 2007, though 2 of them would be sold to Assowolf in the mid-2000s.[[36]] Additionally, in between 1955 and 2012, the Xagrurgian Navy also possessed 4 Dauntless-class Nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, all of them decommissioned in the late 2000s to early-2010s, though discussions of possibly reviving the carriers are in the works with recent world events.[[37]]Currently, the army is experimenting with better Kevlar armor that can survive assault rifle rounds up to 5.56mm . There is no active military draft in place but there is a national guard in case the government needs to call up the reserves of the army. The national guard is equipped with the PAK assault rifle[[38]].

Military Misc.

The army has 555,672 active peacetime military personnel and 950,834 reserve personnel. Additionally, most citizens are armed with a firearm. Military drills are extremely rigorous so only the best troops are in service. The National Intelligence Agency is responsible for keeping the locations of all Xagrurgian nuclear and experimental weaponry confidential. In the first half of the 20th century, the infantry forces were equipped with the PAS-36 bolt-action rifle[[39]] which is now phased out of service. The infantry in the late-1940’s through early-1950's were equipped with the PAS-48 semi-automatic rifle[[40]] which is still used in some reserve battlasions. In the mid-1950’s and early 1960's however, the infantry forces were equipped with the GG EM-2 assault rifles[[41]] which remained in front-line service until the 1990’s. In the early 1990's, the infantry forces were given the HN-500 assault rifle.

Xagrurg Special Forces The Special Forces use the best equipment available in order to make sure their operations are successful and go smoothly. The firearms used by the special forces are the HN M500 assault rifle ,Uber and Lock P70[[42]] ,General Guns MOG[[43]] ,General Guns SPLAT[[44]] ,and the M20 Launcher. The exact number of Xagrurgian Special Forces commandos is unknown but estimates are around 50,000,

Xagrurg Territorial Marines The Xagrurgian Marines use all of the same firearms as the Army but a greater emphasis is put on oceanic warfare and the training is even more rigorous. There are currently 50,500 Marines in active service. The Xagrurgian Territorial Marines is stationing 50 Territorial Marines at a Joint Strike Force base in Kuthernburg with Kuthernburg, Furnifold, and Adumara forces along with a F-45 Fighter, UO-9 Transport Helicopter, and a U2 Warhawk Attack Helicopter.

  • Xagrurgian Peacekeeping Force

The Xagrurgian Peace Keeping Force was formed from public pressure within Xagrurg to enforce stability within our allies and consists of 11,000 soldiers and 1,000 medics. The peacekeepers are armed with GG A2A1 assault rifles[[45]], Bolt M1900 pistols, M62B7 machine guns, FMJ Spears, 35 General Guns Panther MBTs, 50 UO-09 transport helicopters, 25 Rhinemetal U98s, and 150 M4 Roar infantry fighting vehicles. The current and first operation of the Xagrurgian Peacekeeping Force will be in Osnek, Latianburg.

  • Xagrurgian ABM System; “Longbow Program”

The entire Republic of Xagrurg is defended by a system of ballistic missiles[[46]], fighter aircraft, radar installations, and anti-air weaponry to shoot down any aerial threat coming at Xagrurg (e.g nuclear missiles, enemy bombers, so on).[[47]]

Xagrurgian Strategic Nuclear Command Following the mismanagement and experiences learned from the Auroran-Pacific War, the Xagrurgian Department of Defense would create the Xagrurgian Strategic Nuclear Command to organize and allow the carrying out of missions and logistics regarding nuclear weapons. Based in a classified highly secure and deep nuclear bunker complex in Northwest Wahington Province, the Xagrurgian Strategic Nuclear Command would be still subordinate to the Department of Defense.

  • Nuclear Weapons

Xagrurg has 250 nuclear inter-continental ballistic missiles classified as “M91-L” with 10 MIRV warheads with a 475kt payload with an operational range of 11,000 kilometers (entered service in 1990; last modernized in the late 2000s/early 2010s for superior targeting and accuracy systems to maximize blast damage)[[48]], 43 tactical nuclear bombs classified as “M91-B” with a 25kt payload (introduced in 1992) [[49]], and 7 submarine-launched ballistic missiles currently active classified as “M91-S” with 6 MIRV warheads and a 150kt payload (introduced in 1993; variant of M91 missile; modernized in late 2000s with improved targeting/accuracy systems) [[50]], their locations unknown in order to keep the element of surprise. L, N, and S designations stand for “land”, “bomber”, and “submarine” respectively. However, following the Auroran-Pacific War and continued controversy over the tactical effectiveness of free-fall unguided nuclear bombs since their introduction in 1992, plans are being made to replace the M91-B with the M91-B1, a nuclear air-to-surface cruise missile armed with a single warhead of a payload of 300kt that can mounted on fighter, strike, and bomber aircraft with a planned operational range of 3,000 kilometers and hypersonic speeds of Mach 7-8 to penetrate into highly defended airspace and evade SAM and ABM defenses, expected to enter into deployment by 2023 and fully replace all 43 tactical nuclear bombs by 2027, with an additional acquisition order of 47 more and completed by 2030.[[51]] Overall, the Republic of Xagrurg possesses a total of 2,585 nuclear warheads as of October 2019. Prior to the deployment of the M91-series ICBM in 1990, the missile series that preceded it would be the M81, introduced in 1970. Over 450 M81 ICBMs would be constructed by the outbreak of the Auroran-Imperial War, and another 350 more by 1990. Most of the M81-series would be deactivated by 2010, with 100 in currently in storage and awaiting dismantlement, though 55 would be in the possession of Assowolf after intense negotiations and diplomatic activity during the mid-1990s.


The Republic of Xagrurg has expansive highways and public transport systems with a well funded Department of Infrastructure maintaining the roadwork and trains. The government is currently investing in projects that support renewable energy. The nation has multiple nuclear plants, wind turbines, and natural gas plants. In the 1940's, a massive highway system (known as the Inter-Regional Autobahn) was constructed that allowed access to almost all of the nation. Over time, the Autobahn has been expanded to other areas in Xagrurg. There's also expansive railway connections all over Xagrurg. Back in the 20th century, the government of Xagrurg was worried about the power of the atom and what it could do to the general populace of Xagrurg if nuclear war ever broke out so the government funded construction of thousands of fallout bunkers across Xagrurg. Most of them are still currently being maintained, fully stocked. Some of them are used as military armories to save money and resources on constructing armories.


Currently, the space program has 1% of the national GDP and is participating in the International Spacelab program and maintaining multiple satellites in Urth orbit. Additionally, multiple space probes are exploring the solar system. The education system is well funded and efficient and as a result, multiple innovations were created along with innovative scientists and engineers. In the 20th century, technology boomed when the Xagrurian government heavily invested in industries and military research. By the 1940's, primitive Xagrugian satellites were in place in low Urth orbit. In 1950, the space program landed 4 men on the moon and made it back. In 1970, the first Xagrurgian space station was launched into orbit (deorbited in 1975 due to mathematical errors by computers). The space program launched space probes to explore the solar system in 1980 and most of them still work to this date due to RTGs. In 1995, a second space station was sent up into orbit, this time programmers relied less on computers to stay in orbit. The space station was primarily used as a research outpost but is armed with nuclear missiles and miniguns in case asteroids crash into the station, until it was disorbited in late 2017. In 2007, the Xagrurg National Magnification Array was launched into Urth orbit for use a space telescope.

  • Current Spacecraft in Service:
  1. XSC Freedom
  2. XSC Unity
  • Launch Pad In Service:


  • Current Space Probes Operating:
  1. Comminque 1 (communication relay satellite sent up into Urth orbit for other space probes)
  2. Comminque 2 (military communications)
  3. Galactic 1 (sent to the moon for lunar data collection)
  4. Galactic 2 (launched into the solar system to gather data on it)
  • Space Station:
  1. Liberty Beacon (now disorbited)
  • Deep Space Telescope:
  1. Xagrurg National Magnification Array


The economy of Xagrurg is focused on electronics, firearms, and heavy industry. The GDP is 1.5 trillion Kirib. The major corporations of Xagrurg are Yoshi, General Guns, and Heavy Metal. The primary exports of Xagrurg are machinery, technical advice, and firearms. The primary imports are electronic parts, food, and precious metals. The current GDP growth of the nation is 0.112 and the major corporations are listed on the Bob Ross Index in the Eisenburgh Stock Exchange. The Xagrurgian National Reserve is responsible for giving out loans to national and foreign organizations and managing the inflation of the Kirib. The national currency is the Kirib. The Republic of Xagrurg has a cash reserve of 1.5 billion. General Guns is a mega corporation that offers many high-quality firearms such as the PAK assault rifle, PAK Carbine[[52]], PAX Hawk night rifle[[53]], and GG A2A1 assault rifle [[54]]. Due to strict government regulations, Xagrugian-made products are created to the highest of standards. General Guns is currently converting 100 MIK-27K to QM-27Ks for a deal of 61,629,950 Xagrurgian Kirib with the government of Kuthernburg whom the QM-27ks will go to. The deal states the MIK-27s must be converted to QM-27Ks and shipped back to Kuthernburg in under a month before the Red Flag events. The Xagrurgian government has also contracted the corporation Heavy Metal to help supply raw materials for the construction of the PK-FU headquarters in Furnifold.


There is 115 million people living in the Republic of Xagrurg and all of them are of different cultures and races. The current immigration policy in place is relatively lax to attract people to live in Xagrurg. The main and official language in Xagrurg is English but Staynish is a minority language. The Republic of Xagrurg was founded on an idealistic foundation of liberty and freedom, attracting immigrants who wish these tenets. The population are hard workers, wanting to support their freedom and liberty guaranteed by the constitution of Xagrurg.


Most legislation passed in Parliament is pro-liberal but there are a couple moderate and conservative laws in place as well. LGBTQ rights are protected by law along with other civil liberties. Gun rights are relatively lax, allowing people to purchase fully-automatic assault rifles and machine guns but background checks are extremely thorough and gun permit applicants must go through a psychological test. Additionally, open carry is allowed but limited across Xagrurg. Poltical rights are also protected under law. Before the 2017 election, the liberal Social Democrats and the Isolationist Conservatives basically controlled each half of the seats in Parliament and all laws are in deadlock as a result of the infighting. After the 2017 election however, the Social Democrat Party has won 3/4 of all seats in Parliament and laws can be passed once again. The Isolationist Conservatives only control 1/4 of Parliament and the Globalist Pacifsts has stopped running for Parliament and the Presidency but they're currently trying to influence the Social Democrats to be more pacifistic.


Due to the populace coming from all over the world, there are many cultures and as a result, Xagrurgian society is highly diverse. The official language is Codexian but other languages can be found within the Republic of Xagrurg. Some architectural structures are Neo-Classical like the Parliament building and the Palace of Imperium but most architecture throughout Xagrurg is Modernist. The people of Xagrurg are typically well-mannered and behaved, being usually taught to be stoic from familial members. Xagrurgian culture also includes people typically have to act formal, wear nice clothing (I.E polo shirts and pants) in informal settings, and two-piece suits are still commonly worn for everyday use. The 3-piece suit does still exist in a somewhat popular form there among the nobles, businessmen, and politicians. The virtues of patience, courtesy, and pragmatism are highly held in Xagrurgian society, emphasized by centuries of teaching by schools of thought. The 3 historical main schools of thought in Xagrurg being Cofucionism, Legalistican, and Dayism, they play an important part in shaping a Xagrurgian person’s behavior. Confucionism advocates for social and political activism, helping others in your community, pursue a higher education, and live a moral life. Legalistican is the least popular school yet it played an important role in restoring order to Xagrurg in history. Believing society needed order and discipline in life, it emphasized the employment of people into agriculture and the military, the main factors a civilization needs to thrive. Unfortunately, this did not regard culture and the arts as important, leading to the destruction of texts and exile of academics. Dayism is the second largest school of thought, advocating for calmness and passivity in life. It calls for a person to become more passive and not spend energy on being active in society, believing it is wasted energy, instead emphasizing reconnection with nature and spiritual health.

Culture of the Federal Republic of Xagrurg:


Languages spoken in your country Codexian, Staynish, Kostorian, Obertonian, Etharlian, Biebalrusan

Knowledge of foreign languages Most citizens are fluent in Codexian and Staynish, though other Auroran languages are offered as optional courses in schools.

Facts about your language; speaking distance & directness Speaking at a higher volume is common, superiors and juniors address each other equally. Personal space while speaking is adhered to in rural areas, in cities, there is no such thing as personal space.


Decimal point The decimal point is a period.

Definition of a billion Billion = 1000 million

System of measurement Standard metric measurement system

How date is written Month/Day/Year


Variety of races / attitudes about race & foreigners Xagrurg is comprised of several races, but the largest majority is comprised of Xagrurgians, followed by Staynish, Kostorian, Obertonian, etc. the majority of Xagrurg are neutral towards other races and foreigners, though sizeable portions of the Xagrurgian population despise the Oan government and people for their attacks on civilians during the Auroran-Pacific War.

You make jokes about... Anything is fair game (including dark humor), but most people recognize when they've gone too far, and will apologize.


Political parties There are numerous poltical parties, though there is only two major ones in the senate, the Protectionist Republicans and the Progressive Social Democrats.

Attitude toward Socialism & Communism Elements of socialism are preferred by the majority of the Xagrurgian people but totalitarian communism parties are abhorred and banned from gaining office.

Does the government listen to you? Yes, you're respected by your local leader in the state legislature who is then represented by a senator. You can file complaints or petitions through the government’s online website regarding issues,

Can problems be solved? Yes, with significant social reforms and industry subsides.

If a politician cheats on his wife... It's a scandal, but it does not always result in government upheaval.

Military involvement with government Minimal. The military command and civil government have several checks and balances separating each other to ensure no one gets an upper hand on the other and repeat the Auroran-Pacific War.

Freedom of speech, patriotism, royalty, changing names, misc. All people have the right to speak freely, though extremist views are monitored by Federal Investigation Bureau. People generally are very patrotic and proudly display their pride for Xagrurg. There is a monarchy, though it is a constitutional monarchy.


Utilities & companies: public or private Some critical utilities such as water distribution and electrical production are public, companies are private (although the government allows private corporations to coexist with government agencies)

Inflation & unemployment Unemployment is somewhat low, with several massive public works projects to employ them. Inflation is mediocre, with the government managing it with some foreign assistance.

Taxes Average tax rate is 17%, and even with a progressive tax, generally the rich pay about this much too. Companies are not taxed, but their daily business is taxed, called duty taxes. Most government service taxes are around 12% (import and export fees, income, extraction fees etc.). There are also taxes on the extremely lucrative firearms market in Xagrurg.

Variety of items for sale, haggling There are massive department stores all over Xagrurg, and people are generally wealthy enough to buy luxuries.

Credit cards Used by most people.

Inheritance Bequethal is common, but very informal. Sometimes this results in domestic issues.


Attitudes toward social security, welfare programs, unemployment payments, medical assistance, charitable aid People are in favor of it, but seek reform.


Knowledge of world capitals & leaders Most Xagrurgian citizens have a good knowledge of world politics and geography, due to a well-funded education system and free college education.

Attitudes toward the other countries of the East Pacific Xagrurgians are generally neutral to most countries in the TEP but dislike the Oan Isles. The former Axis nations and Celannica are respected by Xagrurgian citizens.

Has your country been conquered? There was a successful civil war, but never a successful foreign occupation of Xagrurg.

Wars Xagrurg has been involved in several wars throughout the 20th century, including the Auroran Imperial War and recently the Auroran-Pacific War.


Court system & lawsuits Well-funded court system and a trial by jury helps crack down the crime rate.

Bribes Rare, but still happens though the punishment is usually severe.

Police & gun ownership Law enforcement are heavily armed, equipped with shotguns, assault rifles, and body armor. Citizens are allowed to own fully-automatic machine guns. 80-90% of the population is armed with some sort of firearm.

Dangerous places There are not many dangerous places in Xagrurg, although the crime rate in Eidenburgh has recently risen to the recent disruption in public services.

Lawyers Lawyers are common as many Xagrurgians take this occupation and as a result, there's a bunch of lawyers around in the court system.


History you learned History was taught in school with a balance between national and world history, though there is a slight emphasis towards Xagrurgian and Auroran history.

Cost of school School and college are free to low-income students and scholarships are available to disabled people and veterans.

College College is variable, depends on the program, but generally between three and six years. Upon graduation from highschool (at age 16) students spend two to three years either in an apprenticeship to learn trades, working or interning for businesses, or taking college preparation courses for specific majors to go into


Are you a farmer? Only a minority are, most people live in the cities.

Can you be fired? Yes, but the employer must state a reason for termination and provide evidence and must provide a fairly sizeable termination package.

Labor day and other holidays There are several Xagrurgian holidays throughout the year, and people enjoy them as they can.

Appointments, punctuality, negotiating Being late is very uncommon. Punctuality is very important, and it's looked down upon if you are late. People try to negotiate as much as possible.


Which side of the road / traffic lights / pedestrian safety Left side of the road, standard traffic lights, vehicles have priority over pedestrians and thus pedestrians must take the crosswalk or be careful.

Taxis There are fleets of taxis around Xagrurg, due to the developed highway system.

Quality of public transportation, trains, buses, planes Trains are very good, being also well-funded and a new maglev line being constructed. People often take the trains to get around when there's traffic jams. The bus system is massive with some funding by the government, most companies in cities field buses for people.. There are three airports in Xagrurg, near Imperium, Eidenburgh, and Laona.


First names & forms of address Sir and Ma'am are used, as well as first and last names interchangeably. One of the interesting things about Furnifold is that people call each other nicknames, usually based on some physical or mental characteristic, and these names are adopted by some individuals instead of their first or last name

Arranged marriages & wedding customs Arranged marriages in Xagrurg are extremely rare and for the most part, people legitimately get married. Many times, couples are engaged for months or years before actually marryingl.

Importance of family background & social status Family background is not as important, as talent and skill are valued by the state. For the most part, it is a matter of education and motivation to work that determines status. Money is very important though, and being able to afford property puts people in the higher class of society.

Preferences of physical appearance Tall and muscular traits for men are culturally preferred, with little to no facial hair. Women who are also petite and have flawless skin are considered beautiful,

Sexuality & attitudes toward homosexuality Depends on the family and the community. The federal government has enacted laws allowing homosexuals to marry and have children, though in rural areas, there are communities that dislike homosexuals.

Relations with family / visiting / misc. Families are large and live together, and the concept of a polite visit is valued.


Things in your house Most people have a smartphone. Cell phone usage is common in cities and the rural areas. Internet and home computers are in the majority of homes. Most people have other home appliances (fridge, usually medium-sized or large, stove, microwave, coffee machine, toaster), and a majority have flat-screen televisions. Cars are very common, and usually multiple middle-class households have at least one luxury car and a state-of-the-art computer.

Bathroom Most household bathrooms are equipped with showers and washlets.

Telephone Smartphones in rural areas, smartphones in cities

Climate Plains in central Xagrurg, mountainous in northeast Xagrurg


Biggest meal of the day Lunch, most workers get multiple hours off during the middle of the day, and they go back home or with friends before heading back to work.

What you won't eat (and odd things you will) Most Xagrurgians don't like eating tofu.

How you eat & local cuisine Give some space between your fellow guest while eating. Fancy restaurants are common throughout Xagrurg.

Fast food & restaurants Fast food and more typical restaurants are located in tourist areas

Packaging Biodegradable plastic is often used .


Quality of healthcare & national health insurance Healthcare is free for all people, quality of which is high.

Attitudes toward doctors Doctors are well respected.


Major religions & attitudes toward them Agnosticism is common in Xagrurg. Most people are neutral towards all other religions, though there's the occasional extremist nutjob.

Relationship between church and state The government is secular, separating any form of religion from the state.

Christmas & other holidays Major holidays are followed as government holidays.


Amount of vacation time Depends on the job

Topless & nude beaches While most people are clothed due to their religion, people are free to go topless in designated beaches.

Hotel rooms with private baths Hotels are very nice, and generally have all amenities of modern hotels

Popular travel destinations & recreational activities People who travel on vacation go to the beaches between Laona, climbing up Mt. Freedom, enjoy lake activities at Lake Lambertuos, and enjoying the nightlife in Imperium. People outside the cities occasionally venture into the urban centers to have fun.


Attitude toward opera, ballet, theatre, etc. If there is a show at the local theatre, it is likely many people will buy tickets to watch it. Most groups will have sophisticated cultural events, usually sponsored by NGOs or art institutions.


Dubbing or subtitles? Subtitles, due to Xagrurgians reading more often than actually speaking.


TV news, newspapers, & print media Major newspaper is the Xagrurgian Times, which is widely dispersed in cities. TV news is mainly international, and print media is usually local. The largest TV network in Xagrurg is the Xagrurgian National News Network.


Popular sports Running, competitive shooting, swimming, volleyball, and football are all popular. Volleyball is immensely popular due to the monthly volleyball championships held in Eidenburgh.

Major Locations

The capital city of Imperium, located in the middle of Xagrurg, with population of 30 million, is one of the largest cities in Xagrurg, is the economic, scientfic, and political home of Xagrurg. The second largest city is Eisenburgh, with a population of 25 million, located on the southern coast of Xagrurg, is very multi-cultural and a major shipping hub in Xagrurg. Additionally, the National Volleyball League Tournament is held annually every year here. The third largest city is Laona, with a population of 15 million, home to the Great Library of Xagrurg, is located near the Kingdom of Staynes's Lake Lamberta and Ethalria and is the cultural capital of the nation. It is rich with ancient history and filled with structures dating back to the days of the original inhabitants of Xagrurg. The fourth largest location in Xagrurg is Fort Wahington. Fort Wahington is home to Xagrurg Military Command. Located a couple miles from the border with Kostoria-Obertonia, the Armed Forces of Xagrurg regularly train there and experiment with new technology.