Armed Forces of Xagrurg

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Armed Forces of the Republic of Xagrurg
The Symbol of the Armed Forces
Current form1927
Service branchesXagrurg Republican Army, Xagrurg Republican Navy, Xagrurg Republican Air Force
Commander-in-ChiefKate Murdoc
Military age18 years of age
ConscriptionInactive Wartime Draft
Reaching military
age annually
(2017 est.)
Active personnel555,67
Reserve personnel950,835
Budget$69,975,597,214 (FY2017)
Percent of GDP4% (FY2017)
Domestic suppliersGeneral Guns, Bolt
Foreign suppliersKuthernburg, Oan Isles

The Armed Forces of Xagrurg is well funded with a budget taking up 4% of Xagrurg's GDP. The Armed Forces of Xagrurg's roots traces back to the Xagrurg Revolutionary Forces fighting for independence against Ethalria.


The Army is equipped with the latest tanks the arms industry has to offer with 650 General Guns Warrior MBTs [[1]], 175 General Guns M9 Frog [[2]],100 Rhinemetal U98s[[3]] 75 Liberty Anti-Air Systems[[4]], 150 POW-9000 Artillery Guns[[5]], 150 General Guns Fighter 09Ps[[6]], 50 Elite Firearms P-1560 Attack Helicopters[[7]], 100 General Guns HIGHPEAK Radar Array Vehicle [[8]], and 190 M4 Roar infantry fighting vehicles [[9]].