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General Guns
Tolkov General
TypePublic Limited Company
FoundedApril 9th, 1892 as South Anzrelstätt Industrial, renamed General Guns in 1926
FounderJonalyn Tolkov
HeadquartersAnzrelstätt, Sarentria
Area served
Aurora (Primarily)
Key people
  • Maxima Tolkov


  • Julia Blüweburg

(Chief Operations Officer)

  • Patricia Heidisdotter


  • Edna Adasdotter

(Chief Financial Officer)

ProductsFirearms, weapon parts, vehicle parts, explosives,
ServicesPrivate Security
Total assetsGeneral Combustion, General Furniture
Total equity138,394
OwnerTolkov Holdings
Number of employees
DivisionsGeneral Combustion, General Furniture, General Electric, General Freight
SubsidiariesHeavy Metal

General Guns is a private corporation that's headquartered in Anzrelstätt, Sarentria. General Guns manufactures firearms, vehicle parts, weapon parts, and explosives. Currently, General Guns has multiple offices in Drakaland, Sarentria, Celannica, Furnifold, and Kuthernburg.


Beginnings to Today

At April 9, 1892, Jonalyn Tolkov founded General Guns. Initally, General Guns was named Southern Anzrelstätt Industrial, mainly constructing railways, heavy machinery, and firearms. As time progressed however, there was a growing need for new and advanced firearms in Ethalria. Jones took advantage of this and gathered a team of experienced engineers to design and export a firearm to the Ethalrian armed forces, resulting in the creation of the MAC-36 bolt-action rifle in 1926. The design proved to be a massive success, resulting in a military contract with the Ethalrian government. Jonalyn Tolkov went on to rename SEI to General Guns to represent the new firearms designed and manufactured at his company. General Guns became a major firearms corporation in Aurora, creating the MAC-49 semi-automatic rifle in 1937 and many innovations in firearms technology. They went on to create the EM-2 bullpup assault rifle in 1948 and release it for military sale in 1955, further increasing its presence on the global stage. In 1963, Jonalyn Tolkov died and the company was passed onto his son, Wilhemina Tolkov. Under Wilbert’s leadership, General Guns expanded into the aircraft and mechanized vehicle markets.

Firearms Produced And Manufactured
  • GG A2A1 Assault Rifle
  • PAK Assault Rifle
  • PAK Carbine
  • PAK Hawk Night Assault Rifle
  • MOG Assault Rifle
  • SPLAT Automatic Shotgun

Formerly Produced

  • PAS-36 Bolt-Action Rifle
  • PAS-49 Semi-Automatic Rifle
Military Vehicles and Aircraft Manufactured
  • Panther MBT
  • Fighter-09P IFV
  • M9 Frog IFV
  • HIGHPEAK Radar Array Vehicle
  • F-45 (A, B, and C variants) Thunder Fighter
  • F-20 Advanced Super Hawk Fighter
  • FU-36 Air Hawk Fighter
  • PN-230 Transport Plane